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MTG Brothers War Uncommon May Be the Best Card in the Set

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Many MTG players are starting to realize that Brothers’ War looks like an incredibly powerful set of cardsBy introducing a nightmare of Prototype mechanics and diabolical intent, there’s little doubt that this will greatly skew Standard and Pioneer.However, players may not have thought that a sibling war was likely to have a major impact every day MTG format. Even the Modern ilk might see a big shift with a harmless uncommon that addresses the current metagame in a woefully beautiful way. Let’s take a deep dive into just how good Haywire Mite is in the Modern format and touch on all his MTG format possibilities.

hay wire tick

This seemingly harmless bug is much better than it first appeared. At a cost of just one mana, Haywire Mite sacrifices itself to exile a green noncreature artifact or enchantment. As a big bonus, Haywire Mite gains her 2 life on her death. This may seem irrelevant, but this card is more acceptable in faster format maindecks.

War of the Brothers has many artifacts

root wire amalgam
Rootwire Amalgam | War of the Brothers

First, Haywire Mite is likely to be a Standard and Limited All-Star. Brothers’ War has a lot of artifact cards, and ticks look like a solid removal option in Limited. Enchantment is already at an all-time high in his Standard format. fable of breaking the mirror When wedding announcementso the card is likely to see sideboard play there as well.

Pioneer is a bit of a question mark, but the format definitely has a place for this Mite. Mono-Green is Karn’s wishboard deck, but in general, if they want to build something with Karn, you’re already losing.this is also a hit fable of breaking the mirror, fire of inventionand basically everything Mysterious incarnation deck. If Brothers’ War can also influence the format, Mite could be better than initial prospects suggest.

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Haywire Mite and Urza’s Saga

Urza's Saga

Anyone who plays Modern knows that Urza’s Saga is one of the most format-defining cards in existence. This seemingly harmless land can easily win the game on its own. In addition to making early threats playable, Urza’s Saga can also create multiple constructs that often naturally end the game after a few turns if left unchecked. Finally, the final mode of the saga lets you seek out silver bullets to ruin your opponent’s plans. This card is so powerful that sideboard his tech is commonly used to target this card. alpine moon, power of vitality, blood moon, expansive sea, lossmore.

Up to this point, Urza’s Saga has not been able to tutor cards that can remove your opponent’s Saga. Haywire Might can completely warp the format into a race to win the saga war. can be banished to This stops incoming constructs and search effects, but only blows up land, which is devastating in and of itself.

Urza’s Saga is arguably Haywire Mite’s most important target, but there are plenty of major cards to hit within the Modern metagame that can tip the scale significantly. Here is a list of examples:

  • Urza’s Saga
  • underworld bleach/grinding station (This is banished, so banishing stations is surprisingly effective on postboards if they cut stations.
  • amulet of vitality
  • colossus hammer/Sigarda’s aid/shadow spear
  • Caldra Complete (This is exiled and avoids indestructible clauses)
  • fable of breaking the mirror (pre-flip)
  • Treasure tokens target indomitable creativity
  • chalice of the void
  • blood moon (if green can be paid)
  • alpine moon/undulating vortex/Relic of Progenitas/artificial explosive/quintessence needle/other common sideboard techniques
  • vial of ether
  • Indestructible Artifact Land Cycle
  • line of force in the void/other lines of force


Ironically, Haywire Mite’s biggest drawback in the current Modern metagame is that it requires green to play. There’s not a lot of green Sagas decks being played right now. However, there are some decks where this fits nicely. It takes a moment to highlight them here.

ancient giant

Amulet Titan is an important home for this card, but I wonder how many decks will actually look for it. As long as there’s no hate preventing Amulet Titan from winning the game outright, the deck is much more likely to run Amulet of Vitality. When the Blood Moon destroys Urza’s Saga and then goes in search of Might, things get a little trickier. This card will definitely see play in Titan, but I’m not sure if it reinvents the archetype in some way.

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transgression of the underworld

Jeskai is definitely the best color for Underworld Breach. Best of Other Breach He pales in comparison to Pilot, but managed to qualify for the Regionals later this month.

Teferi, Time Raveler

《Teferi, Time Raveler》 is essential in many common matchups seen in the Modern metagame.Between the Counterspell Warfare seen when playing against Marktide and the Cascade Deck seen in living end When crashing footstepsthis card fixes a ton of holes you would have in your deck without it.

Ren and 6

That said, modern MTG streamers aspiring spike We made an RG breech list featuring Wrenn and Six. The game plan for this deck is a bit different than the Jeskai version, but Haywire Might probably finds a maindeck home in this archetype. Decks that include Ren and Six and Urza’s Saga are probably very interested in this card.

An interesting question that comes up with Mite being a potential mirror technology is whether a four-color Underworld Breach list could exist in our future. Sometimes I find Urza’s Saga too tedious with a three-color deck, so if this deck exists, it needs to be built by someone with experience. Emry, Lurker of the Lochif someone finds a way to make this, they can repeat this hate piece, so there are so many possibilities on the table.

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This leads us to the Zoomer Jund, or Jund Saga, perhaps the most natural habitat for the Haywire tick. The deck hasn’t had the best results, but Mite offers the exact upgrades it desperately needs. However, Scum and other non-artifact decks may not make this a main deckable card.

Commander Haywire Might

muldrosa, cemetery

As many MTG players have already pointed out, Haywire Mite is more of a strict upgrade to a Commander favorite. caustic caterpillarHaywire Mite is not particularly good at killing artifact creatures, but Urza’s Saga is often used in Commander. Manalock is also incredibly popular in this format. Ristic study When tithe of suffocationThere should be some solid targets for Haywire Mite to hit on a four man board.

Things get a little silly when you put Haywire Mite in a reusable deck. For example, Murdrosa can replay this card as an artifact or creature each turn. This means he can loop this effect twice in one turn if he has something particularly troublesome to deal with.

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Formats where ticks missed the mark

painter's servant

Two common archetypes who love playing Urza’s Saga in Legacy are the Painter and the 8 Cast.The Painter, named after his Painter’s Servant on the core card, is usually called the Painter’s Servant whetstoneThe deck is mono-red, so Haywire Might is a bit of a miss. His 8-Cast, a primarily blue artifact deck, also plays Urza’s Saga. That said, destroying artifacts and enchantments is less important in Legacy.

Additionally, the best decks in Legacy don’t actually play artifacts at all. Izzet Delver is a deck to watch out for in this format, and having dead cards against the best decks in the format is not where you want it.

Ultimately, Haywire Mite is in a position to influence Modern, Standard, Limited, and Commander. Pioneer is a bit of a question mark, and Legacy and Vintage are probably too much for the little guy. not only. Like the card pictured above where the community is worried about tearing Pioneer apart. That said, this Mithe is likely to be on the front lines.

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