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Modern Warfare 2 Mastery Camos and how to unlock them all

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Unlocking Modern Warfare 2’s mastery camos for your favorite weapons is the ultimate Call of Duty multiplayer challenge. They show that you’re a killing machine, or at least have time to work through the prerequisite challenges. Both are equally feared on the battlefield.When Modern Warfare 2 Prestige It’s only been a few weeks since the system was implemented, but the Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion camos are the only real ways to show off in the game. In particular, tracking statistics, Modern Warfare 2 KD.

Naturally, the process to unlock mastery camos is modern warfare 2 It’s not easy, but it makes the challenge a little easier to access than previous iterations of the series. Below you’ll find details on the base weapon camos, as well as details on all four Modern Warfare 2 Mastery camos and how to unlock them. indicates

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There are currently 186 standard camos available in Modern Warfare 2, 14 of which are Spray Paint, Woodland, Digital, Dragon, Geometric, Fun, Leaf, Skull, Tiger, Stripes, Reptile, Solid Color, Classic, and Cliffside. are divided into categories. However, unlike previous Call of Duty games, they are universally shared between weapons. So unlocking a standard camo for one gun will make it available for all unlocked guns. Now, this makes it more difficult to unlock the camos you want to use, forcing you to play with guns you otherwise don’t want to use.

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