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Minecraft’s Deluxe Collection Is Now Available On The Nintendo Switch

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To kick off February, Nintendo made a modest announcement on social media. Minecraft: Deluxe Collection on Nintendo Switch.

This digital version of Minecraft will set you back US$39.99 (or its regional equivalent). Includes base game, select downloadable content, 1600 Minecoins, 6 maps (including Super Mario Mashup), 3 skin packs, texture packs, 5 character creator items, and 3 emotes. Here’s the description (via Nintendo.com):

Experience all the different ways to explore, survive and build in Minecraft with Minecraft: Deluxe Collection! Browse endless community-created content in the Minecraft Marketplace and discover new play styles on different maps. and express yourself with Character Creator items and emotes. You are ready to play with friends, prepare for solo missions, and many other ways to play Minecraft.

“The Deluxe Collection includes Minecraft plus the following additional content: 1600 Minecoins; 6 maps (Super Mario Mashup, Skyblock One Block, Hacker Tools, Pet Collection, Parkour Spiral, Original Bed Wars) 3 skin packs (Spy Mob), cute anime teens, cute mob skins), 1 texture pack (Clarity), 5 character creator items, 3 emotes.”

Minecraft: Deluxe Collection was made available in the Xbox Store and Windows Store apps last December. PlayStation got it too. For more information on Minecraft: Deluxe Collection, visit Official website of the game.

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