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Microsoft execs called out for verbal abuse and sexual harassment in new report

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In a new report, Microsoft executives (both former and current) point out poor attitudes towards staff, including cases of verbal abuse and sexual harassment.

insider (via Windows Central) Reported that Microsoft’s Alex Kipman, Terry Myerson, and Tom Keane were accused of creating a toxic work environment while at work.

Most notably and incredibly annoyingly, Kipman, who currently oversees Microsoft’s Metaverse efforts, is inappropriate via a VR headset while in a room full of colleagues. It is reported that the video was viewed and projected onto an external screen.

“In the full-screen video, some young women in skimpy clothes played in bed, followed by overt sexual pillow fights,” the insider wrote.

One employee described the scene as “VR pornography” and described it as “exchanged a confused gaze,” and some of them (of course) left the room. After this incident, many women said the whole situation was “very uncomfortable.”

The report further accused Kipman of fostering a “culture that reduces women’s contributions,” even after Kipman deliberately “shrugged” to stop female employees and “look deeper.” Describes an incident in which a female employee continued to rub her shoulders. Not comfortable “.

Meanwhile, former Windows overseer Terry Myerson and Tom Keane, corporate vice president of the company’s Azure cloud computing business, were also summoned in an Insider report about their actions.

Myerson allegedly caused a “meltdown” during a Microsoft event and verbally criticized “everyone.” This reportedly left the company in 2018.

Keane’s story is similar, with former executives accused of making his employees cry in public and performing something like a dictatorship (as a result, the affected people are him. Was called “King Tom”).

Keane was reassigned within Microsoft in January. But he still oversees “hundreds of employees” in the company.

Eurogamer has contacted Microsoft for comment on the report.

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