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Marvel’s Avengers Fans Saw the End Coming, But That Doesn’t Stop the Disappointment

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Fans of Marvel’s Avengers may have seen the end come, but that doesn’t stop them from being disappointed by its story never being completed or its potential fulfilled.

After developer Crystal Dynamics delisted Avengers and announced it was ending active development, its community shared their disappointment on social media.

Many complained about free cosmetics Others lamented it after its devoted community had already spent a good amount of money A long-requested feature that never materializedWhen others shared their grief that the games they used to enjoy are closed;

The biggest gripe, though, is that despite having three major expansions, Avengers has a perpetually unfinished story, as plot points set in the base game remain unresolved.

this was the biggest problem Reddit user Isa-MCsaid Avengers was “a game full of possibilities that ended without ever realizing its full story” and added, “Kree, Ultron, Carol and the fact that there is no proper ending really pisses me off. ”.

another user, Rojo696hoped a miniseries from Marvel would end the story, saying, “It’ll give us all some closure.”

youtuber bob duck weavehave played and covered Avengers since day one of the beta, clocking in nearly 2,000 hours, and agreed this was the biggest farce.

“We’ll never see a resolution to the main story, we’ll never see it reach its full potential,” he told IGN. No. I just wish they were given the resources they desperately needed to at least finish the final piece that was set up from day one.”

Marvel’s Avengers battle

In addition to being sewn into a story thread that never materialized from day one, Avengers has also been criticized by fans and critics alike since it was first revealed. Called it one of the biggest disappointments of 2019, citing the lack of post-launch support for live service games as a problem from the start.

We picked this up again in our 6/10 review, stating, “The Avengers campaign is fun and engaging, but the loot-based post-game meant to be the meat of this meal is unrewarding and overly repetitive.” It’s a target,’ he said.

This was also proven by player data. Steam DBabout 30,000 players at launch dropped to less than 10,000 after two weeks, and about 3,000 after two weeks.

According to BobDuckNWeave, this is the biggest reason for its collapse, and while something like Fortnite updates regularly to keep its core audiences engaged, Crystal Dynamics does it once or twice a year. , has opted to release a larger story-based expansion and failed to retain people. around it.

“With so little endgame replayable content added, it always seemed like Avengers lacked a player base to survive in this market,” he said.

there was graffiti on the wall

BobDuckNWeave expected active development to continue for some time, at least to include the long-rumored Kree Invasion and Captain Marvel DLC (data found in the latest update), but the delisting announcement was I admit it wasn’t all that surprising.

“I think a lot of us who played the game, and a lot of people who didn’t, knew the writing was on the wall,” he said. I heard less and less from the team about what I was working on, and they only contacted me when there was a significant update like a new character, and the time between these updates increased and relatively small A player has occurred – the base continues to shrink.”

“A lot of people are definitely leaving. Some are happy with what they got out of the game, while others are upset and upset that their investment of time and money is gone.”

The addition of the Winter Soldier as a playable character back in November clearly wasn’t enough to bring the Avengers into consideration again in Crystal Dynamics, but it’s the final piece of major content coming to the game. Nonetheless, BobDuckNWeave hopes some of the community will continue to play.

“The game is very polarizing across the gaming community, but there are people who loved the game and still do,” he said. “[They] We’re still working to give feedback to the developers to leave something fun to play after the last update in March. ”

Of course, we still don’t know how many players are left after that final update, with Bob DuckNWeave saying, “A lot of people are definitely out. Some are happy with what they got from the game.” Some are angry and upset that their investment of time and money is gone.

“Anyway, I think this game will continue to be played much longer than many people thought,” he added. I love it, and I keep going back to games like Mass Effect, Skyrim, etc. from time to time, so I’ll keep doing it with Marvel’s Avengers.”

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer and UK news editor. He talks about witchers all day long.

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