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Marvel Snap’s Most Hated Card Just Became Less Annoying

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image: Marvel / Second Dinner / Kotaku

big today marvel snap Due to the update, the much-requested (and very late) battle mode for friends. But it also made some changes to some cards. This included a surprise buff for Wolverine and a much-needed nerf to the leader, which many argued was too OP and unfair in its previous state.

The latest update to the free-to-play Card Battler released today Finally, add the ability to challenge your friends A specific player in an unranked match. And while this feature is a bit barebones at the moment, it works well in my early tests. I had a lot of fun testing my deck against my friends.but this new marvel snap The update also includes several other tweaks, including new balance changes.

Big news: Leader finally got a decent nerf To his powerful ability that allows him to copy all the cards his opponent has played that round. He still copies some cards, but is restricted to just the opponent’s zone to his right. Early reports indicate that he’s still useful and powerful, but he’s not as dominant as he used to be, as he has to correctly predict where his opponents are likely to play powerful cards. To do that, the developer’s second dinner increased the leader’s power slightly from 6 to 7.Interestingly, this goes the other way around Last minor nerf the leader got.

There was a counter to the leader and his strong endgame ability, but it was still a really annoying and unfun way to lose a match. And when it came to a common way to win, there were many times in a row to lose against this combo.

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Players who love Wolverine have even better news. This card gets a very nice buff. The disgruntled mutant’s ability to return to the field after being destroyed or destroyed was solid, but even with such clever abilities, his stats were by no means surprising. According to that data, no one was actually playing Wolverine. snapTo fix that, he was given new abilities. Now when he comes back destroyed, he comes back with +2 power. That said, this card could be a useful part of a deck focused on destruction.

I’ve seen players get annoyed that other cards like Zabu and Silver Surfer haven’t been nerfed yet. Rather than making drastic changes, I’d rather it not be done enough and try again.

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