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Let’s celebrate One Year Anniversary of Dying Light 2 Stay Human • Techland

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Celebrate Dying Light’s success at Techland. The flagship game is off to a great start, selling a staggering 30 million units a year. That number continues to grow each month. That’s not all. This year marks the first anniversary of his game, 2022’s best-selling zombie. Dying Light 2 Stay Human – Techland has many celebrations and updates planned for the community.

The team remains unwavering in their commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences for gamers around the world. We are not stopping here and will continue to support the game with great content.Adrian Ciszewski – Chief Creative Officer

These outstanding numbers confirm the success of the Dying Light franchise. We were able to achieve that thanks to our amazing community.I would like to take this opportunity to thank them again for their amazing support. We have ambitious plans to expand to other media as well.Oleg Krapovsky – Chief Publishing Officer

did someone say cake?

No, it was a lie. However, you can save 50% on Dying Light 2 during your anniversary celebration. The rest can buy a cake and join the celebration.

nostalgic snack

Players who own both Dying Light and Dying Light 2 will have access to special perks including the Crane Bundle. Techland GG – Techland’s anniversary celebration hub.

all goodies

During the week-long celebration, players can earn goodies by completing community goals in themed Bloody Anniversary Events (31/01 – 09/02) and Dropkick Weekend (09/02 – 13/02) I have a chance. Players who participate and complete the Bloody Anniversary goal will receive a free item in the Rais Bundle ($2.99 ​​value). Players who join Dropkick and reach their weekend goals will receive his Brecken bundle (worth $2.99) for free.

That’s not all. Players who join the Anniversary stream or watch other participating Dying Light 2 streams before July 2nd, 2007 will twitch drops.

road ahead

Techland is starting the year off strong, with a 1 year anniversary update that includes community-requested features and quality of life improvements. Community Update #2*, Cross-Gen and Legend levels. With these important updates already planned for Dying Light 2, fans may be asking what’s next for the game in the year ahead. Techland has outlined a new roadmap, and Techland will continue to develop plans for 2023 as part of his five-year commitment to gaming.

Update version 1.9.0

Are you dead 2 Do you know more?

Get a sneak peek at what’s to come – join the celebration during Techland’s first official livestream broadcast on January 31st at 20:00 CET twitch.tv/techland.
*Full list of patch notes available here.

Wrapping up our year at Techland and celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

A summary is required at the beginning of the year. Here are some of the interesting bits we’ve collected for our special first edition of Techland Handout 2022. It allows us to learn about the games we created in the early days of Techland and the values ​​we consider to be our priorities. company. We also share some facts about the popularity of our games and office locations where our employees create unforgettable experiences.

We hope these few facts tell you more about us.Who knows, maybe you’d consider becoming one of #People of Tech Land? We are always looking for new talent!?

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