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Latest Pixel Buds A-series 3.519.0 update breaks Bluetooth pairing

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The latest 3.519.0 firmware update for Pixel Buds A series is causing Bluetooth pairing issues when installed on wireless earbuds.

[Update 02/01]: Google has confirmed an upcoming fix for a Bluetooth connectivity issue accidentally introduced in the 3.519.0 firmware update for Pixel Buds A-series.in the post of Google Pixel Buds Help Forumthe company has acknowledged the issues that we and many other users are experiencing and has confirmed that it will start rolling out fixes by Monday, February 6th.

We are aware of an issue with the latest firmware update for the Pixel Buds A-Series (v3.519.0) that impacted some users’ ability to connect the Pixel Buds A-Series to a second device (e.g. moving a connection from a smartphone to a tablet). ). We apologize for the inconvenience. An update that fixes this behavior will roll out to 100% of users by Monday, February 6th.

In the meantime, Google suggests that anyone who hasn’t updated their earbuds should avoid doing so until the next firmware build is available.[設定]>[Bluetooth]> Select Pixel Buds A-series >[設定]Tap the icon >[その他の設定]>[ファームウェアの更新]>[自動更新]We recommend disabling the automatic update feature by disabling the

Although only a minor bump from firmware version 3.514 released in October, version 3.519.0 introduced an annoying bug that prevented the Pixel Buds A series from entering Bluetooth pairing mode.This update just started rolling out yesterdaybut more reports Above Google Pixel Buds support page and the /r/GooglePixel subreddit.

Since then I have been able to reproduce the same issue when trying to pair with an existing device. The process will start. Since installing 3.519.0, a short press on the pairing button doesn’t seem to activate the Bluetooth pairing process.

This process has been seen with every Pixel Buds earbud since the Bluetooth accessory relaunched in 2020. With the earbuds in the charging case, press and hold the pairing button on the back of the case for 3 seconds to enter pairing mode. The LED on the front of the case will flash to indicate that it has been successfully activated.

After sideloading the update, this process will not start the pairing process for the Pixel Buds A-series. Instead, only devices previously linked to the Pixel Buds A-series can connect. Currently the only workaround is to perform a full reset. To do this, you have to press and hold the pairing button for 30 seconds.

We recommend disabling the Buds auto-update option, at least until this issue is resolved. To change this head,[設定]>[Bluetooth]> Select Pixel Buds A-series > Tap the Settings icon >[その他の設定]>[ファームウェアの更新]>[自動更新]Disable

Please note that this surprise firmware update does not have an official changelog at this time. However, I doubt it was Google’s intention to break the ability to quickly pair the Pixel Buds A series with other devices.

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