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iRobot’s Roomba j7+ and s9+ robot vacuums are $200 off for Memorial Day

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Memorial Day weekend regained some of the best prices I’ve seen on Roomba robot vacuums.You can pick up Rumba j7 + And that Rumba s9 + With the code, for $ 599 and $ 799 respectively END GT200 At Wellbots. Both of these models come with a clean base, but if you think you can safely skip that extra hardware, Rumba j7 For $ 399 using the same code instead.

Buy Rumba j7 + at Welbots-$ 599
Buy Rumba s9 + at Welbots-$ 799
Buy Rumba j7 at Welbots-$ 399

The Roomba j7 series is equipped with some of the latest iRobot machines. The line debuted at the end of 2021, and robot vacuums are equipped with new AI-powered computer vision technology to help better detect objects and clean their surroundings. The company focuses on this in the context of pet poop, claiming that the j7 machine is the first “pet poop detection” robot. Ultimately, that means you should be able to avoid any accident your pet has on the living room floor while your flashy new robot vacuum is cleaning your home. increase.

In addition to these smarts, the Roomba j7 features dual multi-surface brushes, smart home mapping and more, in addition to 10 times the suction power of standard Roomba. If you jump to j7 +, you will also get a clean base where the robot will automatically empty the trash after all the work. In other words, depending on how often your robot cleans, you only need to empty the clean base about once a month.

Like the Rumba j7 series, the Rumba s9 + is our Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Guide As a luxury pick. The s9 +, which usually costs $ 1,000, is a premium dirt football that does more than most people need. However, it is an excellent vacuum cleaner with 40 times the suction power of normal Roomba, and also has a 3D sensor for object detection and a corner-friendly design. The s9 + can be a good investment if vacuum is one of our most disliked chores and you need a robot that will almost certainly never have to do it manually again.

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