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iPhone 14 horizontal lines upon waking? It’s not a hardware glitch

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if you find you iPhone 14 If you see horizontal lines across the screen when waking from sleep or booting up, Apple says don’t worry. This is not a hardware issue.

The glitch that appears to primarily affect the iPhone 14 Pro Max is clearly a software issue, so it’s just a matter of waiting for an iOS update to fix it…

iPhone 14 horizontal line

Quite a few people have reported problems reddit and elsewhere. The number and color of horizontal lines appear different.

“I got my iPhone 14 Pro Max last Friday (12/9/22). When the phone boots up, I noticed horizontal lines flashing on the screen. Not every time the phone boots up, but randomly. We do it, sometimes it’s just one line, sometimes it’s multiple.”

“I had the same problem. But I noticed it happened more often if I was watching a video before the screen turned off. Later when I wake up, I have a green line.”

“I have a similar problem with my new iPhone 14 pro max. I received it this morning.”

“In my case, the line appeared only once after powering on the phone, as soon as the Apple logo screen appeared. The line disappeared after a second.”

“My device does the same, but when I boot the device it shows a single white line on the screen.”

Apple says it’s not a hardware failure

Both the original poster and the other poster of the Reddit post took their phones to an Apple Store for diagnostics and were both told the hardware was fine. Instead, Apple says it’s an iOS bug.

“I took it to Apple and they ran diagnostics and everything came back to normal (green). I did.”

“Apple Support will ask your DM to get the serial number and run the test [to run remote tests] I’ve confirmed it’s not a hardware issue.

“Apple support member said ‘we are aware of the issue and this is due to the driver’ […] This is definitely a software issue and an update will be coming soon. “

So far there doesn’t seem to be a consistent fix available until Apple issues an iOS update to resolve it. Some of the things people have tried with varying degrees of success include:

  • Turn off always-on display
  • Manually turn off the phone instead of timing out
  • phone reset

Some say this issue only affects iPhones with LG displays and not Samsung displays. Some suspected a bug in the iOS 16.2 beta, others have seen the issue in other versions of iOS 16, so this doesn’t seem to be the cause.

We have reached out to Apple for more information and will update when we hear back.

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