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iPadOS 16 new feature: Window resizing on the way?

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As always ahead of WWDC, speculation is rife about potential new features and changes.One of the biggest questions each year is that the iPad OS update for the year is finally Unleash the full power of iPad hardware..

Prior to WWDC2022, which will begin on June 6, recent changes to WebKit suggest major changes that may be made to the iPad regarding window resizing …

Would you like to resize the window on iOS 16?

For those unfamiliar, WebKit is Apple’s browser engine that enhances Safari and other web browsers. WebKit is an open source engine, so the code is public and GitHub..

As pointed out at the beginning Steve Trouton-Twitter SmithRecent additions WebKit infrastructure on GitHub Shows support for a new “multitasking mode” that allows freely resized windows on the iPad OS. The WebKit GitHub update shows that the iPad OS will add a new system-wide toggle for “multitasking mode” that enables this feature.

A Individual GitHub updates Apple engineers have backed up these changes and revisited WebKit updates designed to improve compatibility with this so-called “multitasking mode.”

Smith elaborated on exactly what this meant when compared to the “tablet mode” feature currently available on Windows devices.

“Multitasking mode” is subject to change at run time, so your app can move to or move to that mode. Imagine something like Windows 10’s “tablet mode” where you can switch at any time to rebuild the touch and mouse and keyboard UI.

WebKit code reiterates the notion of whether “multitasking mode” is enabled or disabled on the iPad. Safari adjusts its behavior based on the current state of its system toggle.

It’s difficult to collect too many specific details from these WebKit infrastructure changes, but past WebKit changes have been a good sign of future iPad OS, iOS, and Mac updates. This is also not the first information from WebKit that may suggest changes in iOS 16 and iPad OS 16.

During February 9to5Mac Report changes WebKit code suggesting that iOS 16 and iPad OS 16 can manage new dark mode features and cookie consent forms, resulting in APIs that allow or block modal pop-ups for certain websites. Since WebKit is an engine that also powers Safari on the Mac, these features may also apply to macOS.

Again, for now, make these WebKit changes related to the new “multitasking mode” with a grain of salt. We’ve all been burned many times in the hope that the new iPadOS update will bring significant improvements to power users, suggesting that iPadOS 16 could be the final year of change. Seems to be pretty solid proof to do.

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