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iOS 15.5 Has a Bunch of Privacy Features Not Enough People Know About

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Many want a better understanding of data privacy and security, and with iOS 15, Apple has taken some important steps to enhance the privacy of the iPhone. iOS 15 came out in September, and Apple has released several updates since then.The latest version is iOS 15.5.. (Here How to check if your iPhone can run iOS 15 When How to download.. )

In a few weeks Apple holds WWDCIts annual software developer conference, here iOS 16 will be released.. iOS 15 follow-up may be in beta until fall. So now is the time to tweak and tweak your iOS 15.5 privacy settings.

Downloading the latest version of the OS will give you access to the new version of Apple FaceTime features It’s the first time Android and PC users Participation.You will get too iMessage improvements This makes it easy to track links and photos sent by your friends. And there is access to many new privacy and security features. If you’re one of the billion or more people using your iPhone, it’s worth learning about the privacy updates available in iOS 15.5 and changing your settings right away.

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In a nutshell, the privacy changes in iOS 15.5 give you better control over the data you share with third parties and reveal how your app uses your iPhone’s data. In some cases, these privacy tools may limit the collection of personal data. While these privacy updates probably won’t significantly change the everyday experience of using the iPhone, except for Siri, they will change the way Apple devices interact with the Internet and third parties to find personal information.

Keep in mind that Apple has long used privacy as a selling point to stand out from rivals such as Google and Facebook. Based in Cupertino, Calif., The company is rushing to protect consumer data from digital advertisers and Internet service providers, but is also reportedly strengthening its own search advertising business. Hired (and fired) a former advertising executive from Facebook..

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There are also pitfalls. Most new privacy features are free, but not all. You must own a new iPhone or pay cash to take advantage of certain features. Buy a new current iPhone..

With these privacy changes, digital advertisers and even the journalists behind popular newsletters are armed, but no matter what Apple’s motives are, they’re good for you.

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iOS 15の最高の機能:フォーカスモードがiPhoneをどのように改善したか



Appleによれば、iOS 15.5では、音声アシスタントの最大のプライバシー問題の1つが解消されるとのことです。 Amazon Alexaや他のほとんどすべての競合他社とは異なり、Siriは処理のためにオーディオをサーバーに出荷しなくなります。 代わりに、デバイス上の音声認識のおかげで、iPhoneで直接あなたの声の音を処理します。



つまり、Siriは、アラームの設定、リマインダーの設定、オフラインでのアプリの起動などの基本的なコマンドに応答します。 このアップデートには、SiriにWebで何かを検索するように依頼することは含まれていません。


落とし穴があります。 Siriのデバイス内オーディオ処理を利用できるのは、A12Bionicチップ以降を搭載したiPhoneとiPadだけです。


あなたがAppleのAppTrackingTransparency機能のファンなら、おそらくAppPrivacyレポートも気に入るはずです。 Safariのプレイブックからページを取得すると、レポートは[設定]A new section accessible from, which gives an overview of how the app handles privacy. You can see when individual apps request access to your camera or microphone, and where and who your data was shared in the last 7 days. This will add a layer of transparency to iOS 15.5.

WWDC2021 Keynote Speaker Introducing App Privacy Report

Apple first snooped on the iPhone’s app privacy report during WWDC2021.


What is Email Privacy Protection? How can I stop tracking?

Apple’s email privacy protection feature is built into the iPhone’s default email app. Limit the amount of data the sender collects when you open a promotional email or newsletter. In particular, this feature provides the option to hide the IP address and cannot be linked to other online activities or used to locate your location. This feature prevents spam email marketers from learning more about your email and internet activity.

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Here’s how Apple explained it:

In the Email app, Email Privacy Protection prevents senders from using hidden pixels to collect information about you. This new feature prevents senders from being notified when they open an email and masks their IP address so that they cannot link to or locate other online activities.

Apple also said Safari will obfuscate your IP address.

Is iCloud Plus Private Relay Similar to VPN?

Paid iCloud Plus subscribers have access to some new privacy features. One of them is Safari’s private relay tool. This hides web browsing behavior from advertisers and internet service providers. It does this by encrypting traffic leaving the iPhone to prevent it from being intercepted by third parties or Apple. This prevents third parties from reading your search.

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The second feature is called HideMyEmail. If you’re an iCloud Plus subscriber, your iPhone can generate a random email address when you sign up for a membership or retail account. Hide My Email forwards everything sent to “fake addresses” to your real email address. Basically, Hide My Email washes messages from retailers so they don’t know their real email address. The idea is that fewer companies will have access to people’s direct email addresses.

Now you have all your iPhone privacy. Read beyond the basic iPhone: Tweak iOS 15 settings like a power user..

Look at this:

Everything Apple wants to add to iOS 16


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