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Humble Bundle launches Black History Month bundle

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a New bundle of games launched on the Humble Bundle to celebrate Black History Month.

This bundle includes 8 different games by Black creators or featuring Black characters, including Mafia 3: Definitive Edition and Shadow Man Remastered.

This bundle is worth £108.75 and can be purchased for £8.09 and up. Funds raised will help support Gameheads, a technical training program that helps low-income youth.

Mafia 3 campaign gameplay – good?

“February is Black History Month, as people in the United States and around the world reflect and reflect on the struggles and hard-won achievements of Black people throughout history,” reads the accompanying post.

“To mark the month in our own unique way, we have put together some great games by Black creators and games featuring Black protagonists. It helps to support the .”

This bundle is available worldwide, but Black History Month is celebrated in February in the US, but in October in the UK.

“We’re not naive enough to think that one game can cure racism. That wasn’t our intention.” Hayden Blackman, creative director of Mafia 3 said to

“Michael LeRoy, the protagonist of both the Shadowman game and the 1997 comic book series that inspired the game, was one of the first major characters of color in a video game,” said Valiant Entertainment’s design and Director of Production Travis Escarfullery said. “For many black gamers, he was the first playable hero to offer media representation.”

In addition to the bundle, Humble Bundle supports two other charities.

The first is NPower, which helps veterans and youth in underserved communities launch digital careers. The Humble community has multiple opportunities to support this charity through in-store purchases and Choice memberships.

The second is the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, supported by a separate book bundle.

Finally, Humble is the highlight. Black History Month Blog Post New projects will come from the Black Game Developer Fund. This is a foundation created in the wake of the murder of George Floyd to support independent black creators around the world.

Mr Humble said: “Thank you to everyone throughout the Humble community for continuing to support all of these great charities and organizations dedicated to justice and fairness. Simple things may seem unimportant, but your combined support quickly adds up and has a real impact on real people, real communities, and the most important causes today. ”

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