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How To Style a Samsung Frame TV So No One Knows It’s There

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Frankly, I didn’t want a TV. But I’m not the only one living in my house, my partner and her three children.we live in the city apartment Not a lot of wall space and I never wanted tv set Being the sole focal point of the room, especially in the multipurpose area that we use to entertain, put on records, and play games. But the pandemic hit and I got voted down.

All in all, it was nice to have a TV in the living room. AFI 100 years… 100 movies In the dark times of 2020. No Make it the focal point of the room?

of samsung framesWith its sleek contours and slim shape, it seemed like the obvious choice for something that would look great in harmony with everything else around it. The immediate proximity made the space feel more than just a TV shrine. The only thing you really do in that room is the movie. But we use ours for many things. I also wanted to pay tribute to all the other ways we use it.

To build the gallery wall, I first Googled the standard TV height (42 inches from floor to center of screen) and adjusted it to fit our display. heymags sofa, a little lower than most.Then the usual art (found at the Auckland White Elephant sale and Etsy found), and then selected digital art to frame. Mainly because it’s very easy to switch. For example, in winter I like to show images of Italy so that I can feel like I’m on vacation.Or, if you want to host a party with a different vibe, choose art to match. I also like to buy framed art. juniper print shop— it has a great selection.

I cut two small holes in it so the screen could blend in better. One is located directly behind the TV and the other by the baseboard to hide thin cords. I made it as small as possible so as not to damage the wall. Patch it up when you leave. (not done yet No Please return the deposit for the apartment! )

I don’t think anyone is completely fooled into thinking the Frame TV is an actual piece of art, but when layered against the other objects you use in that room, everything works. It brings to mind the inspiration for that room in the first place. When I was younger, my husband and I used to go on dates to bookstores, gravitate towards the art section, and research things for inspiration. Once I had kids, it was my goal to make my living room feel like a bookstore, filled with new books, old books, and exciting things. And sometimes finding inspiration for us means gathering around the TV and watching classic movies.


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