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How to stream PC games and movies to your Xbox console with a free app

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If you own a Windows 10 or 11 PC and an Xbox One or Series X / S console, you may not notice that these devices have some interesting cross-functional features.use Microsoft wireless display App, you can easily Output games from Xbox to Windows PC screen.. Conversely, you can also stream the contents of your PC to the TV you’re using on your Xbox. It can also be controlled from the console and is surprisingly easy to set up.

However, there is one caveat. This is a wireless only feature. The app uses Miracast to stream content from your PC, so you need to make sure that both your Windows PC and your Xbox One or Series X / S are on the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Stream PC to Xbox One or Series X / S

Any Windows 10 or 11 PC that can connect to Wi-Fi will support casting to a wireless display, but you’ll need to download the free app for Xbox.

  • Go to the Microsoft Store in the console (or just Please click this link) Then download the wireless display app to your Xbox.
  • Once the app is installed on the console, open it. You will now see a message that the console is ready to connect to your PC. The app also has some very useful tips to remember. The controller can switch between the gamepad and keyboard / mouse control modes by pressing the menu button and the display button (the two buttons under the controller’s backlit Xbox logo).

Landing screen of wireless display app. It runs on the Xbox console and is ready to connect.

  • Head to your PC. When you’re ready to stream the content, press the keyboard combo Windows + K. Alternatively, you can click. Connect to a wireless display In the system settings view menu. In any case, the next screen will display the name of the console.

If you’re playing a streaming PC game from your Xbox using a controller, be sure to select this button to allow input.

  • From here, you can choose to extend or duplicate the contents of your PC monitor, or set your Xbox display as your second screen. For our purposes, we’ve set up the Xbox display as a duplicate to mirror the PC monitor.

This small taskbar allows you to easily access and disconnect from streaming mode.

  • Once connected, you’ll see a small movable taskbar at the top of your TV that is wirelessly connected to your PC monitor. This allows you to adjust quality settings (accessible by clicking the gear icon) between game, work, or movie modes. During the test, it was difficult to identify the difference in visual quality between the three. We found that the game settings are optimal if you are only playing PC games, as you will have the least waiting time when using the controller.

Click the volume icon in the system tray to see an option in your playback device list to stream audio to your Xbox.

Tip: If you have better sounding audio connected to your TV, you can switch to output the audio there instead of your PC.

  • Tap the speaker icon on the Windows taskbar.
  • select Digital output [your Xbox’s name here]

Finally, Microsoft claims that wireless display apps cannot be used to display what is considered “protected content.” As a result, the encrypted video content of apps such as Netflix and Hulu will not work. However, I was able to stream what I needed via the Google Chrome browser. If you’re having trouble viewing Netflix or Hulu movies or TV shows, we recommend downloading those apps from the Xbox Microsoft store instead.

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