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How to Complete Into the Unknown in Starfield

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Into the Unknown is a main story mission that is easily the longest to complete up to this point in the game, and there are a few confusing steps along the way as you unlock new mysteries in Starfield. I have a full mission guide outlining the entire mission so you don’t get stuck searching for answers in the universe.

Table of Contents (How to Complete Into the Unkown):

Where to Find the Eye in Starfield

The Eye is a space station that is orbiting around New Atlantis. As soon as you pick up the Into the Unknown mission from Constellation, simply open up your map and look at the edge of the planet. You will see a small eye symbol and you can just hit the fast travel option to that location. Of course, you still need to approach and dock your ship once you reach the station.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

Inside you will find Vladimir. He gives you the rundown of two more Artifact locations to grow more of the collection. He also needs you to find Andreja, who is another member of the Constellation group. This is just the first part of the mission, but it’s also the most time-consuming.

Vladimir Starfield
Vladimir waits on The Eye (Screenshot by Prima Games).

The good news is that Andreja is in one of the Artifact locations, so you still only need to make two trips before returning to the Lodge.

Where to Find Andreja in Starfield

Andreja is located in the Abandoned Mine on planet Niira in the Narion System. This is one of the two Artifact locations that Vladimir marked for you. We already knew she might be in trouble, and as soon as you enter the main mine, she is fighting for her life. Luckily, the enemies were no issue for her.

Andreja Starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games.

After you find her, simply tell her that Vladimir sent you for some help. She seemed thankful enough in my own playthrough and she even helped me clear out the Abandoned Mine. With the area cleared out, she will meet you back at the Lodge once the first part of Into the Unkown is complete.

How to Find the Artifact on Niira in Starfield

The Artifact on Niira is located all the way at the bottom of the Abandoned Mine. This is the same area where you will find Andreja and it will be marked on the planet as long as you have Into the Unkown set to active. There are no enemies outside the mine, so make your way in and speak to Andreja.

Niira Artifact Starfield.
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Next, you just need to descend through the mine and take out any hostiles along the way. Eventually, there will be another cavernous entrance at the bottom of the Abandoned Mine. At the end of the tunnel is the Artifact you need.

Artifact Cutter Starfield
Use a Cutter around the Artifact (Screenshot by Prima Games).

Keep in mind that you will need a weapon like the Cutter to mine the ore around the Artifact. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach the item and you’ll be stuck in a sticky situation. Make sure to have a Cutter before you start both aspects of the mission.

How to Find the Artifact on Tau Ceti VIII-8 in Starfield

The Tau Ceti VIII-8 Artifact can be found in the Deserted Robotics Lab on Tau Ceti VIII-b, which is one of the moons in this system. Like the first Artifact, you need to enter the main lab and complete the “dungeon” before reaching the mission item. However, the perimeter of the lab is much more dangerous than the Abandoned Mine, so be careful.

Tau Ceti VIII-8 Artifact Starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Once you get inside, keep charging through the lab. I took out as many pirates as I could along the way. You never want to miss those sweet legendary weapons and piles of ammo.

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After all the chaos is over, there is a room with plenty of trash and two dead scientists at the end of the Deserted Robotics Lab. On the left side of the room is a tunnel entrance. Head inside and make sure to have your Cutter. It’s time to grab another Artifact and bring both of them back to the Lodge when you’re done.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

How to Follow the Distortions on the Scanner in Starfield

To follow the distortions in the Scanner during the Into the Unknown mission, watch for digital disruptions around the white reticle of the scanner. As soon as you leave your ship on the Procyon III planet, take out your scanner and head straight from the ship platform. I knew I was going the right way by how distorted the Scanner was over time. Don’t look at the environment for answers. Just point the Scanner and watch the pixels flicker.

Distortions on Scanner Starfield.
Scanner distortions for Into the Unknown (Screenshot by Prima Games).

As you get closer, the distortion will get worse and worse until you reach the Temple ETA. This temple is massive and has floating ice rocks around beyond all kinds of snow dunes. It’s hard to miss once you get close enough with the Scanner in Starfield.

Temple ETA Starfield.
Temple ETA Into the Unkown Location (Screenshot by Prima Games).

The entrance to Temple ETA is at the base of the structure in between two walls jutting from the ice. Enter the temple and prepare for the final steps of Into the Unknown.

How to Investigate the Source of the Anomaly in Starfield

In order to truly investigate the source of the anomaly in Temple ETA, you need to float through the orbs that appear in the room around the metal rings. Upon entering the temple, you’ll see a set of rings like the collection of Artifacts in the center and there is zero gravity. You have the ability to float up and down while also boosting by using the sprint button.

Investigate the Anomaly in Starfield.
Look for the glowing orbs (Screenshot by Prima Games).

With these zero-gravity movements in mind, you need to look for orbs of light that spawn around the room. Float through each one as fast as you can. When you are successful, you’ll notice the rings in the center of the room start to glow and move faster. It took me a minute to realize what I needed to do, but the investigation is easy once you realize the orbs are the key.

After enough orbs are touched, the rings will form a teleported that you can float into. Going inside gives you the full version of the visions you had been seeing before. Only this time, you wake up on the ice with some new powers.

How to Use Your Powers in Starfield

In order to complete Into the Unknown in Starfield, you need to be able to show off your new zero-gravity powers. If you open up the standard menu, there is now a tab above your character that is meant for assigning powers. Select the new one and exit the menu. Now you just need to use them in front of the Constellation group within the Lodge.

Equip Powers Starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games.

On a controller, I used “LB+RB” to activate the powers. Of course, everyone was impressed by my cool space magic tricks and that was the end of it. Into the Unknown was finally complete and it’s time to move on to the next mission in Starfield.

As you explore so many locations for Into the Unkown, make sure you know how to survey planets in Starfield for the best chance at resources.

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