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How Marvel Snap was designed to fit into your life

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the developer is marvel snap finished a little work that too good.in an interview with The Verge, What did the developers talk about when designing marvel snap, they wanted to create a game that “fits into your life.”Well, it seems like me and millions of other people have not only adapted games nicely into our lives, but they have shaped our lives. around it that.So I play a few easy rounds first thing in the morning and reward my productivity at work at noon snap A break, and why you should end your day with a dub before you go to bed.

marvel snap Debut game from indie studio Second Dinner. Founded by former Blizzard developersand from the beginning, they wanted to make a mobile card game.marvel snap “Continuing our passion to share our love of collectible card games with as many people as possible around the world,” said Yong Woo. snapChief Production Officer and co-founder of Second Dinner.

“Mobile felt like an absolutely great starting point,” he continued. “We want games that fit a lifestyle and that everyone can enjoy, regardless of the time of their life.”

one of marvel snapThe best thing about is that it’s a game that you can fully experience in a few minutes at a time. Gamers still revel in his 60+ hours of full narrative experiences from developers like Sony, Ubisoft, and EA, but as the core age group of gamers slowly rises, the “reserved The ‘game’ idea is starting to grow in popularity.

Yong said that like most developers, the people at Second Dinner are passionate about themselves and want to make games they want to play.and in design snapthey wanted a game that would not interfere too much with the busy lives of people for whom a trip to the bathroom is often one of the only moments of peace and solitude of the day.

“These are games you can play in about five minutes,” says Yong. “But if you get into a crazy situation, you can sit on the toilet for 20 minutes, right?”

Yong continues: [Marvel Snap], [we thought] “Hey, what if the game gets so strategically deep that you can manage the length, like three minutes?”

“What if the game gets so strategically deep that you can manage the length, like three minutes?”

Typical marvel snap The match lasts about 3-6 minutes. That short amount of time doesn’t seem suitable for the deep-thinking play that CCG is known for, snapcard design, unique field of play, and ‘snap’ mechanics make the match like Neutron Star for competitive drama. Imagine he can have the thrill of victory, the bitterness of defeat, and the high-octane emotion of wild “fence-wielding” play all in less than six minutes. Imagine 70% of your games are like that. marvel snap.

The amount of love developers invested in Marvel Snap will be shared by our partners at Marvel Entertainment. According to Second Dinner co-founder and chief developer Ben Broadit was Marvel Games EVP Jay Ong who approached them about making the game. spiderman, Miles Moralesand criminally underrated guardian of the galaxy.

All cards come in several different variations with different art styles to facilitate collection and deck customization.
Image: Second Dinner

“He called Hamilton, our CEO, and said, ‘Hey, look, I want to work with you guys. I would like to become part of the department. [Marvel] It’s incredibly fun because they’re not just run-of-the-mill licensors doing it for a dollar. I’m running it. ”

According to Broad, the titular “snap,” which allows players to increase the stakes in a game with “doubling cubes,” was the idea of ​​the company’s CEO, Hamilton Chu.

“So we really just played hearthstone In a double cube,” Broad said. “So Hamilton sat behind me and said, ‘Do you want to double your bet this turn? If your opponent doubles their bet, are you going to retreat? I think I’m going to double my bet now.” And I felt like the game just got more fun. Added this extra level of deep strategy. ”

Cards turned out to be a more compelling strategy device, with a completely unheard of mechanism ( cards that play the game for you), There are many ways to annoy and delight your opponents. In fact, one of his best points is that marvel snap It encourages quirky play. I make the most painstaking ‘Yolo’ plays just for hell, and the best thing is that it often works. It’s a place where you can play and there’s not a lot of pressure to find the right way to play the game,” says Woo.

“There’s not a lot of pressure to find the right way to play the game”

Like live service CCG hearthstone When Magic: The Gathering Arena Usually governed by the content release cycle.With each new set, more powerful cards are released, and decks tend to contain the same few cards. snapespecially due to its unique location mechanics, making it difficult for a single strategy to stick.

“I think it really helps mix things up,” Wu said. “You shouldn’t be playing the deck that someone said was the right one a month ago every day, every week. I want to create a situation where

Marvel Snap screenshots featuring Machine World locations

Featured locations change weekly, allowing players to change the decks they build and play more often.
Image: Second Dinner

As my only favorite element of the game, it’s so torn between locations and cards. on the one hand, Bar Sinister Pop-ups — where you duplicate cards you’ve played until the space is full — are my favorite.fill with scorpion A card that reduces the attack power of all cards in the opponent’s hand by 1 and ruins someone’s day. I also love when my opponents make errors against themselves. The developers laughed and rejoiced. iron man — A card that doubles the score of a place — For spaces that already have a negative value, it just makes the value even more Negative. (These basic math lessons were really helpful.)

“What? You played Yondu First turn at Bar Sinister? said Kent-Erik Hagman, Associate Design Director of Second Dinner.He is the one who handles all the design elements of marvel snap, From new locations to new cards, hence all the frustration associated with Bar Sinister. “And you Killmonger Clear Bar Sinister.and you play cable at Bar Sinister. And they don’t have decks! (Author’s note: This is a very situational play and should not be attempted on a regular basis.)

Marvel Snap gameplay screenshots. It features 3 locations with different effects and space for cards on each side.

Placing Yondu in Bar Sinister is sure to infuriate your opponent.
Image: Second Dinner

A trading story about you marvel snap Shenanigans are one of the ways the game spread like wildfire. More than 3.4 million people have downloaded the game in its first week, according to mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower, and developers are working on social features. snap Against your friend possible.

“We’d love to have some form of friendly match or friendly battle where you can play against friends or anyone you stream,” Hagman said.

in the meantime marvel snap It wasn’t designed with esports in mind.The developers hope community tournaments will follow soon with the launch of matchmaking.They also share that they are tracking stats And going further, I hope we can add a profile feature where players can see their win record and other useful information. I’m here.

“I’m really excited about it,” Yong said. “And the global launch has been really successful, so this is just the beginning.”

Marvel Snap”No current success is guaranteed, and Brode said he was nervous when the effort began. “We were going to spend more than four years putting money and time and energy into this thing.

With great design and lightning-quick matches that inspire creativity and risk, marvel snap It doesn’t just fit my life. teeth It’s my life, and I’m excited that the game will continue to do so for as long as it wants.

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