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Halo still has a future with Xbox but 343 is starting from scratch — report

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The report details some of the changes being made at 343 Industries regarding the Halo franchise. The Halo franchise will reportedly use Unreal Engine for the new game as the studio is starting from scratch.

Since then, 343 Industries has had a tumultuous time with the Halo franchise. Halo Infinite launched. The franchise’s future was called into question after a significant staff cut last month, but that’s not going anywhere, according to a new report.

343 Industries Has Reportedly Ditched Slipspace Engine and Moved to Unreal

As reported by bloombergMicrosoft isn’t going to give up on its mastermind, Master Chief, just yet, even though 343 Industries looks dire, according to Jason Schreier of . At least 95 people have reportedly lost their jobs. Mass layoffs at Microsoftwhich includes several directors and major contractors — temporary staff apparently given only “a few days’ notice”. xbox game studio Head Matt Booty has assured that 343 will remain “in charge” of the Halo franchise going forward, but a contractor will be brought in to help the studio.

The reliance on outside contractors could be a good indicator of why 343 is reportedly using Epic’s Unreal Engine for its upcoming games. house engine. That’s not why the Slipspace Engine was discontinued, but reports say that its old code was “buggy and hard to use” and Halo Infinite’s virtually finished game modes like Extraction and Assault had many There is a problem.

With the switch to Unreal Engine, 343 is reportedly working on a new game, codenamed Tatanka. This game is being developed by the studio with a certain affinity. It looks like it started off as a battle royale game but could go in a different direction and the rumors that 343 could be working on new story content for Halo Infinite are not true some developers are planning to replace it with was working on his Unreal-based prototype for a future game. As for 343’s latest game Halo Infinite and its Forge mode, new studio head Pierre Hintze is looking to focus the team’s efforts on a “robust live service,” so in the future he’ll be working on Infinite’s multiplayer. is expected to be supported. .

It’s been a rough time for the big green Spartans lately. Do you think Halo can make a comeback? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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