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Google’s foldable ‘Pixel Notepad’ sees another delay

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Earlier this month, Pixel fans were featured in a preview of the company’s entire 2022 lineup. This year’s Pixel 7 Until Next year’s Pixel tablet.. However, the missing device was the “Pixel Notepad”. After all, Google seems to have decided to postpone the foldable Pixel Notepad further.

Elek Google reports postponing “Pixel Notepad” (name) First reported Early this year – second time. The company’s plan changes, as we learned earlier, could mean that the device will not be released in the fourth quarter of 2022. The report confirms the originally planned timeline, claiming that Google initially planned to unveil the device in late 2021.

The reason for this “pixel notepad” delay, according to sources familiar with the device Maybe … It means that I couldn’t live up to my expectations. Rumor has it that Google’s devices lag behind Samsung’s Fold series.

“Pixel Notepad” will be Google’s first foldable smartphone every time it avoids delays.The device requires a form factor Similar to OppoFindNIt has a compact outer display, but a large and wide inner display. The outer display will use a 5.78-inch panel, and the 7.57-inch inner display will use ultra-thin glass. As previously reported, the device uses a Tensor chip, but this latest delay means that at least a second generation Tensor processor will be used.We too Evidence found Devices use approximately the same camera array Pixel 6a..

9to5 Google Take

“Pixel Notepad” is a very exciting product for me personally. Folding brings a whole new world of possibilities to our pocket computers. But I’m really happy that Google isn’t in a hurry to enter this market.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is what I currently have with the Pixel 6 Pro, and even with Samsung-level experience, the foldable is far from perfect. A year after the fold was released, my personal unit created a gunk on the hinges, so it wasn’t as smooth as it used to be. In addition to that, there are still unresolved foldable durability issues. With an uneven track record of Google’s customer service (it’s getting better because of the company’s honor), I’m not sure if I want to use something fragile, like a foldable one. But we have to wait and see for now. Google obviously has a lot of support for the Pixel at this point, so the foldable will come someday. Spending more time in the oven seems like a good plan for me.

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