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Google’s Enterprise Framework improves integrations and enables zero trust

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Google Emphasize how Chromebooks work in a “zero trust” corporate environment Use the new Chrome Enterprise Connector Framework. The new integrated system is designed to create Chrome browsers and Chrome OS devices to help IT departments easily implement existing security, endpoints, authentication solutions, and other management solutions.

Google Chrome OS executive John Solomon describes the new tool as a “plug and play” solution. This will allow other companies to take advantage of Chrome OS management features such as remote wipe of Chromebooks using BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management and flagging malware downloads with Splunk.These types of management features were previously Google admin console..

Managing and enrolling Chrome OS devices in the enterprise continues to rely on Google tools such as Google Admin and Chrome Browser Cloud Management. However, new tools such as Chrome OS Data Control give enterprises the option to allow or lock down actions such as print, screen capture, copy / paste, and other potential data loss situations. ..It may give IT a better handle Bugy Chrome OS updates Currently available from the TrustedTester program.

Chromebooks own a large education market compared to Windows PCs, Macs and iPads. but, PC shipments declined in the first quarter of this year, Google aims to broaden its horizons — and that’s where it gets serious for businesses. ChromeOS has many PC hardware and even Mac Chrome OS Flex allows you to run Android apps, but it’s a nuisance with that OS, Run Windows VM through Parallels..

Google is touting Chrome OS as a platform that “has never been reported a successful ransomware attack and no evidence of a successful virus attack” and will maintain that state in a new partnership. .. Intel vPro Enterprise for Chrome OS also protects the system and supports both disk and memory encryption.

If you want to know more about Chrome enterprise solutions, Google has an IT representative Sign up for Chrome Enterprise Day June 8th.You can also Try integrating your Chrome browser with Splunkobtain Access to the Trusted Tester Program This will later test the integration of Palo Alto Networks and CrowdStrike Chrome. Free trial of HP’s Proactive Insight (If you have an HP Chrome device).

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