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Google Messages has started letting some users react with any emoji

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Google has started allowing some users of its Messages app to react to text messages with any emoji instead of being limited to the standard set of seven that has been available in the app for some time (via 9to5Google). This feature is similar to that found in other messaging platforms such as Slack, WhatsApp, and paid versions of Telegram. A long press on a message gives you the standard emoji reactions, but you can access the picker and react to whatever you want.

Expanded emoji reactions appear to be a limited test at the moment — 9to5Google says he’s heard two reports of it being deployed. The Bargestaff have access, but the other two we checked do not. Google didn’t respond immediately The BargeRequests for comments on the functionality of .

As with any feature added to the messaging service, the additional reaction can be a bit finicky depending on who you’re texting and what communication standards your phone supports. If both are using his RCS, a Google-promoted SMS replacement, these seem to work fine. My phone still doesn’t have access to the extension picker, but my colleague’s reaction displayed correctly when using Google’s Messages his app.

I can’t respond to this emoji, but I can confirm that someone has responded to my message.

However, other configurations can be cumbersome. On the same phone, which apparently supports RCS, Samsung’s Messages app displays the reaction as a separate text message. , because they are SMS only (much to Google’s chagrin).

A screenshot of a text message conversation. One message reads,

So back to this…

It should come as no surprise that React doesn’t translate to the iPhone. For one, Apple’s Tapback system only allows for a specific set of symbols, so it’s unlikely that the company’s Messages app has the ability to add arbitrary emojis to messages. Even if it does, no one knows if it will. After years of Apple user reactions appearing as separate text messages for Android users, iMessage and Google Message reactions were translated between his two platforms, prompting the two companies to come up with a solution. It looked like you found it. Yet when I tested it today with standard reaction, it was back to the same old system of decoupling.[emoji] To [message]When messaging between an Android phone and an iPhone, I see text messages instead of beautifully rendered reactions.

No matter what Apple and Google do, I’m glad Google brought this feature to their texting platform. This is a feature I’ve always wanted everywhere, and Google seems to be working to make it happen, at least for the people using that app.

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