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Footage of Hideo Kojima’s next game may have leaked in bizarre fashion

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For many, the list of the most coveted video games includes “Anything”. If you are one of those people Auteur’s next title appears to have leaked from his studio, Kojima Productions, before it was officially announced.

The video, which was removed from Streamable for violating the platform’s terms of service, features a character that resembles Mom. Death Stranding. who played that character maid When once upon a time in hollywood Actor Margaret Qualley.The characters shown here navigate dark corridors with the help of flashlights, followed by sinister figures.thing catch up with them. After that, the Game Over screen appears, with the text “A Hideo Kojima Game” and “Overdose”.

Reporter Tom Henderson The footage was the same leaked video he described in June Kojima Productions apparently asked him to withdraw the first report. go for it I declined.

The presentation of the video is strange. Gameplay footage includes a picture-in-picture view of a person appearing playing the game, as if he were a Twitch streamer. The text “camera player 1” appears at the top of the screen, suggesting that this is from a playtest. The footage is displayed in a YouTube-style interface, indicating that it may be stored in Google Drive. It gets even weirder because someone filmed that footage offscreen. Then that version of the video is played on the tablet. A second shot is being taken offscreen by a shirtless person, according to a fairly noticeable reflection on that screen.

It’s all very unusual.As Note that there is at least a small chance that the footage is fake, even though it takes some prankster effort to create it. Qualley’s character model is Death Stranding — this may indicate that Overdose It’s a direct follow-up to Kojima’s last match. It’s also weird that the game over screen pops up with the name of the creator of the game, but this could be footage in production (although Kojima actually put his name on the game over screen). It is not impossible to imagine viewing it).

Either way, we may not have to wait too long for more clarity on what’s going on here. He is also a regular at The Game Awards, his next project in a month’s time.Mr. Kojima is developing a game ,However Death Stranding A sequel is also in the works.

If reports and rumors persist, Overdose It will be Kojima’s first full horror game.The only horror project ever released by the creators of Metal Gear PTthe infamous playable teaser It was designed as a proof of concept for . silent hill, In Kojima’s grim departure from Konami (coincidentally, ).

Meanwhile, Kojima He received a “ridiculously expensive” offer from Kojima Productions.

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