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FFXIV Team Caught Cheating While Clearing Challenging New Raid

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image: Square Enix / Kotaku / PngAAA / Leon Bennett (Getty Images)

Ah Final Fantasy XIV The raid team has had its world record revoked after being arrested for using a tool that developer Square Enix deems a form of cheating.

anonymous_, FF14 Raid team, world first clear omega protocola new extremely difficult ultimate raid first introduced to MMOs Patch 6.31 last week.But immediately after the official FF14 The Twitter account congratulated the team on their achievements, Videos circulated online A photo of an unknown raid player who uses a UI mod plugin to zoom out the game’s camera to get a better view of the raid battle. PC gamer(The use of third-party tools is prohibited FF14The incident resulted in the team being punished, and game director Naoki Yoshida expressed his deep disappointment.

As reported by PC gamersquare Enix Retracted all 8 unknown raid player achievements The team record for clearing the raid is Attack from FFLogswebsites to track FF14 raid data.

One of the strangest aspects of the story is how the cheating was revealed. All seemed fine on Monday morning when the team posted a screenshot of the kill, confirming that they were the first in the world to clear the Omega Protocol. PC gamer report, later in the day Unlisted YouTube videos It surfaced to show the members of Unnamed_ in the Raid using a mod that allowed them to zoom out of the action and view the battle from a wider perspective. As for the provenance of the video, Feuer E’, an unnamed member who watched teammates work on his raid on Omega via his Discord’s screen sharing feature, said that someone hacked his YouTube channel. claims to have uploaded the video. His YouTube channel name, which means “God’s Judgment”, was created two days before the video’s release date. You can watch the video below.

zoomhack ekomega

FF14 Players often use plugins to improve their quality of life, such as modifying cosmetic items or damage logs, but we believe the use of camera plugins is prohibited, especially in the world’s first raid. It is source of ongoing tension Between high-level players and Square Enix.

While some FFXIV players online took to poking fun at the raid team’s cheating by posting memes, others pointed out Plugin general usage In the community, especially for clearing raids.

Kotaku We reached out to Square Enix for comment.

In-game rewards earned by the team in raids have been revoked.according to Translated screenshot with raid members FF14 Game Master, whose translation was verified by PC gamerthe GM informed the unnamed_ team members that they did not commit any cheating directly, but that they “used that cheating for profit” before asking them to remove the items they received. rice field.

“We apologize for the late notice. Regarding this matter, everyone was punished in-game.” (Unnamed member Tatsuya Suzuki) wrote in a tweet“Finally, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience caused. FF14 The development team, the community and all my friends. I will be careful from now on. ”

Yoshi P’s punishment

so blog postgame director “Yoshi-P” Naoki Yoshida said, “As a gamer,” he was “extremely disappointed” that the raid team used third-party UI mods.

It’s personally disappointing to see this turmoil over third-party tools again in the wake of what happened with Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate). As the individual entrusted with full oversight of FFXIV, it is my responsibility to take measures, crack down on the use of these tools, and educate people not to use these kinds of third party he tools. As a gamer, I’m trying to learn this content through trial and error, and I’m rooting for everyone who wants to clear it.

At the end of the blog post, Yoshi-P said, FF14 He won’t credit the raid team as a “true world first” even if the team discovers “abuse of third-party tools” in the future.

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“A special apology to the many of you who have cleared this content without the use of third-party tools, streamed your progress consistently, and are continuing the process of trial and error,” commented Yoshi-P. is written at the end of FF14 blog post. “However, please know that the development and operations teams are watching your passion.

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