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Everything Coming To The Witcher 3 In The Free New-Gen Upgrade

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Geralt marvels at his new ray-traced reflections.

screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

One Best games of the last decade is even better and is free for everyone who already owns it. CD Projekt Red has finally revealed everything it will include Witcher 3′The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions are definitely worth the wait, and fans are already getting some minor improvements to shadows, reflections, and foliage. are selected with the utmost care.

in the meantime live stream On Wednesday, CDPR developers took a look at what players can expect when they update Drops December 14th after a year delayOne of the big changes for console owners is the ability to choose between performance and graphics modes. Meanwhile, PC players will have the option of a more zoomed-in camera view that adds a cinematic feel to the game. Overall, the change seems aimed at making the critically acclaimed open-world RPG even more visually striking and player-friendly.

Here’s the trailer:

The free upgrade includes:

  • 60fps performance mode or 30fps with ray tracing (except Series S)
  • PS5 haptic feedback
  • Over-the-shoulder camera and PC photo mode
  • Cross save between PS5, Series X/S and PC
  • Sign magic button shortcuts
  • Map filter symbol to remove ‘?’ flooding
  • Option to hide the minimap while mounted or in combat
  • increase subtitle font
  • A questline to earn gear inspired by Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Geralt in the Netflix series (RIP)
  • Optional Netflix-style costumes for Ciri, Yen, Triss, Dandelion and Nilfgaardian (smile)
  • Other more advanced graphics options, updates and bug fixes

the fan has already started consider trailer on It was aired during the livestream as a clue as to what the enhanced version might look like.In addition to making the surface shinier when it rains and the contrast between reflections and shadows more pronounced, the world as a whole looks a little more crisp and detailed, and in a way witcher 3‘s stunning E3 reveals which players wowed in 2013.

Players Blame CDPR game downgrade When the finished 2015 version didn’t look exactly the same. At the moment it is expected that witcher 3 Thanks to the new console cycle, it’s in the rare position of looking even better over time, especially on PC where the new Ultra Plus setting options push the seven-year-old game to its max.

I’m not the type to dwell on combing through short clips and screenshots, or counting extra pixels in puddles, but witcher 3, all right.Despite impressive games like ghost of tsushima, assassin’s creed valhallaWhen Horizon Forbidden Westit still remains my personal flag bearer For world building, storytelling, and immersive exploration in open-world RPGs. I’ve already played 100 hours of the game with the base campaign and his two excellent expansions and am ready to spend another 100. You can already feel the howl of the wind.

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