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Every New Destiny 2 Exotic Coming In Lightfall

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Destiny 2: Lightfall is just weeks away, and Bungie has finally pulled back the curtain on what players can expect from the expansion’s growing exotic arsenal. It became clear. quicksilver storm.

Released on February 28 light fall Takes players to the neon-lit city of Neomna On Neptune, you face an attack by Calus, a newly minted Witness apprentice, and his Shadow Legion army. Along with a new subclass power called Strand, his new set of Exotics also gives the Guardian an edge in cyberpunk-themed showdowns.

Bungie was the first to show us what they are and how they work destiny 2The latest trailer for:

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Final warning (strand sidearm): Has a “charging chase round” that automatically targets nearby enemies
  • Deterministic Chaos (Void Machine Gun): Uses “Rhythmic Debuff” to weaken the enemy on the 4th hit and grants a volatile round on the 16th hit.
  • Winter Bite (Stasis Glaive): “Freeze enemies with Frost Orbs”, which appears to spawn both turrets and bombs.
  • Quicksilver Storm (Kinetic Auto Rifle): The catalyst seems to be that the grenade creates a strand “Kill Tangle”, adding an affinity for the strand’s elements to normal shots.
  • Abeyant Leap: Strand “Barricade spawns additional eyelashes that bind enemies”.
  • Swarmers (warlock legs): “Destroying tangles spawns thread rings” that appear to target enemies like tiny magical spiders.
  • Cyrtararchne Facade (Hunter Helmet): Defensive buff “Grapple Gibbs Woven Mail” that grants flinch resistance.

If that sounds a little strange, it’s because each Exotic other than Stasis Glaive and Void Machine Gun is based on Strand, a new subclass coming to Lightfall. If you’ve seen any of the previous trailers, it’s the glowing green of his powers that allow the Guardian to effectively tackle new environments like Master His Chief’s latest outing. Halo InfiniteIt’s basically a cosmic spider web that looks like it opens up a lot of interesting combat possibilities.

Anyone who pre-ordered the $100 Deluxe Edition counts the exotic Quicksilver Storm already live. light fallthat’s a total of seven exotics shown off in the trailer. considerably less than last year witch queen It contained 14. Again, there were no new subclasses at all in that extension. Hopefully, Bungie has a few more secret questlines hidden away.


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