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EA is shutting down Apex Legends Mobile and not giving refunds

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apex legends Developer Respawn Entertainment has announced that the mobile version of the game will be shutting down in all regions on May 1st. As if that wasn’t enough for players, it’s also said that when the game is gone, so are the purchased items and extras. Apex Legends MobileEA shared news of the change as part of its third quarter 203 earnings results.

Ah news post The company explained that the closure was a “mutual decision” with its “development partners.” Apex Legends Mobile Developed by Respawn, Tencent’s Lightspeed & Quantum Studiosalso handles the mobile port of PUBGRespawn’s post echoes that note, claiming that “after a strong start, Apex Legends Mobile’s content pipeline is beginning to fall below standards for quality, quantity and cadence.”

Since its launch, Apex Legends Mobile by adding additional features to existing legends, new game modes, and a pair of mobile-exclusive legends, Fade and Rhapsody, to add tweaks that players have been dying to see in the full game. It has a good reputation.

After 4pm ET on Tuesday, you will no longer be able to make purchases with real money in-game, and the game will also be removed from the app store. We will officially close on May 1st at 7pm ET.

However, EA does not issue refunds for real money purchases “subject to the terms of the EA User Agreement.” The company wrote in the FAQIt can feel like a slap in the face for those who have invested cash in the game. Also, the developer seems particularly harsh when Iron Galaxy is offering refunds to his 2018 purchases of players. Rumble Verse In front of Closure of that just-announced game.

However, it seems like it might exist in some form. vertex Mobile in the future. On EA’s earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson said that EA and its development partners have opted to ditch this “version” of the game, and that the company “plans to rethink his connected Apex mobile experience in the future.” said to have Later in the call, Wilson added that mobile will be a “future growth vector.” vertex franchise.

EA also halted development as planned battlefield Mobile game announced in April 2021. battlefield With the ecosystem formed, we decided to pivot from where we are now in order to maximize the vision of the franchise and meet the expectations of our players. ” Wrote a news article on the website.

The company made many changes battlefield franchise following the poor debut of battlefield 2042This includes the announcement of a new story campaign, franchised by Respawn head Vince Zampella and being produced by a new studio, Ridgeline Games. “We are working hard to evolve battlefield 2042and is in preparation for our future battlefield experience in our studios around the world,” EA said in the post.

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that we are “deeply connected.” battlefield Ecosystem from EA’s post “Language.According to the company’s earnings release, EA’s mobile strategy battlefield When vertex It ends up tying them to other games in these franchises.

“If you look at the mobile market, the biggest and most successful new products are: [a] A wider franchise,” said Wilson. “There’s not always cross-play, but there’s definitely cross-progression, and a sense of being part of a single unified community and a single unified gaming experience.”

and a specific battlefieldWilson said the company stopped working on the game because the company “really thought about the broader franchise strategy and what leadership could build around a truly cross-platform, immersive gaming experience reimagined.” in order to battlefield future. ”

On Tuesday, the company also announced a delay Star Wars Jedi: Survivor From March to April. COO Laura Miele said on the earnings call: Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earthEA’s upcoming mobile game set lot Space, will be released this year.

UPDATE Jan 31 6:32 PM ET: Added details from EA’s earnings release.

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