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Destiny 2’s Technical Problems Have Reached A New Level This Season

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Destiny 2 had its best season this year in the form of Season of Seraphs, but it’s also one of the worst from a technical standpoint that I can remember.

This week, players will actually lose Progression and loot after a Weasel error in Destiny 2. This is a generic error, but not one that actually deleted gear and achievements before. Bungie initially stated that this was a very rare issue and that he was just 1 player out of 250,000. But that didn’t seem… accurate. I’ve been hit by this and HELM’s quest step only resets him by 1 or 2, but for other players he lost the Deepsight drop or, in a particularly bad case, erased solo I’ve heard of his achievement in the Perfect Dungeon. after the error code. Wow.

therefore, The second Bungie this season Disabled API of the game to reduce these error codes. The last time they did this was when everyone was knocked out of the dungeon at launch. This time it says the bug is related to the release of a new version, revision zero, and now it does the same thing again. Exotic Pulse Rifle released last week.

This API allows third-party apps like DIM and Ishtar Commander to instantly transfer gear between vaults and multiple characters. Without this, the player would get stuck leaving activities, flying multiple times to the tower with multiple characters, and even he wouldn’t be able to transfer even one. Equipment. API is Bungie’s own Fireteam Finder Sightused to find teams for all in-game activities, including harder ones that don’t have matchmaking.

According to Bungie, the fix is ​​expected early next week, so players will be out of the API for the rest of the week. Bungie did not try Revisions Zero, an alternative solution that disables the offending Exotic on its own, rather than turning off the entire API again, but says it may not have actually fixed it. increase. It seems strange that in one season he had two error code based issues and disabling the API “fixed” both, but one must have to do with the new Exotics .

For lack of a better term, this all sucks. Fully enjoying Destiny 2 without activating the API is extremely difficult, both gear transfer and fireteam search. wrote about How does this situation indicate that Destiny 2 relies on third-party apps? Also, I haven’t heard of any bugs that actively delete player loot and progress.

This could be another piece of evidence that Destiny should be a blank slate in the future, rather than building on its current game for years and years. This is not a fix as future features such as in-game loadouts and his LFG will still rely on the API and will continue to go offline in these situations. Bigger changes are needed.

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