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‘Destiny 2’ Just Revealed One Of Its Best Secret Rewards In A Long While

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Although Destiny 2 may not launch giants Secret Missions like Whisperer and Zero Hour this season, and its exclusive exotic mission, Operation Seraph’s Shield, have quite a few secrets, especially those revealed this week.

spoiler followsif you care, highly recommend going around the shoot All 50 Orbs Open the mysterious door above to reveal what I’m talking about. Best left as a surprise. The last 12 will be available this week if you choose the “Security Clearance” upgrade that goes through the station’s locked doors. There are other doorways that are rigged with lasers, but you can get through them with a shoulder charge, a flash, a swipe of the Mask of Bacris or an Eager Edge sword. I did yesterday Yeah, do that, then come back and read this.

Once you get all 50 orbs, there’s an initial, not-so-secret prize. It’s a Rasputin-themed sparrow that looks pretty cool.But there was more than that and this was something I didn’t know believe Given that it’s not a literal booty, it was completely undiscovered or datamined until this week.

it’s a dog Specifically, Braytech’s Robodog.

The door actually leads through the bowels of the station to a surprisingly long jump puzzle. There aren’t many enemies other than the artillery, so it’s not that difficult, but it’s a lot longer than I expected. You eventually reach the end and find two glowing eyes in the dark.

More like a lost robot dog than an enemy. If this thing has a lore backstory, I haven’t found it yet. You can go up and enable the “Good Boy Protocol”. This is a victory. Then put the dog back in her HELM and you can visit and pet it anytime. This is another victory.

It’s the strangest and most complicated collectible we’ve seen in Destiny 2, and a big surprise different from the usual weapon drops. all Find Rasputin’s music node for collectibles, including 50 orbs to find and shoot to unlock this Robo Dog.

This was great. I enjoyed tracking all the orbs. I like sparrows. I like quirky mini jumping dungeons. and i like dogs There’s one other thing that’s really worked out this season, and I think Bungie did a really great job this time around after a bit of a stagnant season so far. No, but stuff like this is cool too and was really fun to discover.

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