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‘Destiny 2’ Has A New Super Damage DPS King After Solar 3.0

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The fact that hunters got the best deal from Destiny 2’s new Solar 3.0 changes is one of the most popular opinions and seems to be reflected in recent developments, the arrival of the new top tier supermarket in the game. .. Old favorite.

That supermarket? Blade Barrage is a new Solar 3.0 aspect boosted by the fresh damage of Knokk’em Down that allows you to throw more knives, about 50% more than any other super in-game when combined with certain exotics. There is damage.

This test was done by u / winterprod on reddit, Who tested the highest damage super in GraspofAvarice. The new ranking order is as follows:

9. Base Blade Barrage – 219,000

8. Cataclysm Nova Bomb – 250,000

7. Maerskman Golden Gun + Nighthawk + Radiant – 311,000

6. Blade Barrage + Knokk’em Down – 345,000

5. Thunder Crash + Shooting Star Curious – 398,000

4. Chaos Reach + Geomag – 401,000

3. Maerskman Golden Gun + Star Eater Scale (8 stacks) + Radiant – 403,000

2. Mobius Quiver + Star Eater Scales (8 stacks) + Radiant = 408,000

1. Blade Barrage + Knokk’em Down + Star Eater Scale (8 stacks) – 617,000

It’s my friends, what we call “outliers.”

Sure, getting 8 stacks in BladeBarrage using Star EaterScales is more work than many other stacks, and it’s not always consistent, but if you can manage it, It does 50% more damage than any other supermarket. And when it comes to this, it’s a new helmet mod that allows all weapons, including all exotic weapons, to generate orbs, which does a great deal of damage on demand. Instead, when substituting an exotic scale like the Shards of Galanor, hitting every knife can regain 50% of the energy, which means that super-ups occur frequently.

It’s only the third day, so I think I can pause it before calling it a completely new PvE meta era, but I don’t like the numbers, so this is absolutely noteworthy. At least all three classes have at least some viable Super DPS options, but most damage phases will be mostly done with weapons. No one knows how this will sway when the dust settles, as I’ve just seen the sun’s warlock killing Ateon with grenades alone.

But the point is. If you have been avoiding it for a long time because the blade barrage was previously weakened, remove the knife again. Probably while using the Shard of Galanol. enjoy.

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