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Destiny 2 community event completed in just over a day due to exploit

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it’s the last two weeks destiny 2: looting season, Bungie has given fans something great. It’s a community event. It started on Tuesday and was meant to keep players going until the now-unnamed Season 19 kicks off on December 6th. However, players ended the event on Wednesday instead.

For context, this community event was to improve the Eliksni Quarter of the Tower, a special social space within Destiny’s. The usual social space Collect fallen refugees inside the old raid arenaA mysterious donation box in the middle of the Tower Courtyard invited players to seek out Captain Coins (and other resources) and donate them to the cause. Then, as players reach certain donation amounts, different parts of the quarter grow and improve. Players also receive some kickback rewards for their contributions. A charity that benefits everyone.

However, players eventually unlocked the ability to donate other Season of Plunder currencies, such as Treasure Coordinates earned by completing playlist activities. Fate 2This is where Bungie ran into a bit of trouble. The game has an exploit that allows unlimited treasure coordinates to be generated as long as the player has some treasure coordinates to begin with.

For some reason, the game erroneously refunds too many treasure coordinates when you trade an expensive treasure map (which requires treasure coordinates) for a special free treasure map. It’s not much, but a quick succession of exploits over and over again can cap the treasure coordinates and then dump them into the donation box. Players who had the resources to buy expensive things could generate hundreds of bonus treasure coordinates per minute without actually spending their own money.

Players can unlock all personal rewards, including a cute exotic ghost, by donating 2400 coins (or coordinates in this case). Using the exploit, the player only took about 10-15 minutes. If only a few people were doing it to get ghosts, it wasn’t a big deal, but when thousands of players were doing it at the same time, donations started really fast.

Bungie has set an end goal for the event to donate 400 million coins across the community. This is a lofty goal without exploits, requiring about 167,000 Guardians to donate at least 2,400 coins. This is a tall order for what is essentially a “play a lot of what you’ve been playing for three months” event. It’s not unreasonable to think that if the exploit hadn’t been discovered, players might have needed an entire holiday weekend and additional playtime next week to generate these coins. , Eliksni could have gone into next season with a half-built house if players got bored.

But sadly, before the Thanksgiving holiday kicks off in America, the Eliksni are all nestled in new quarters. We know the Guardians of the Fallen and players are grateful this year. It’s an exploit.

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