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Dead Space Remake Exploit Earns You Infinite Money, Ammo

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screenshot: motive studio / Kotaku

Motive Studios Dead Space remake It’s a bloody slow crawl to victory and could get easier if exploits are discovered From a Reddit user earlier this week.

This exploit allows players to take out infinite Pulse Rifle ammo and exchange it for currency. This is a process one commenter remembers using on her Reddit. with a detonator weapon of dead space 2Although the Motive remake made some changes Dead Space, the franchise’s useful exploits seem to remain intact. Read on to learn how to use it.

how to get infinite money Dead Space remake

Here’s an overview: Stand near the store and benches. These workstations are scattered throughout the game and allow you to upgrade your weapons and suits. Unload the Pulse Rifle using Alternate Fire (R1). Drops proximity mines (using R1) that can be converted into ammo unless detonated. These converted mines will be added to your inventory if you don’t load them into your rifle.

don’t load them. Sell ​​for 2,500 credits per bundle. Weapon upgrades cost 5,000 credits. Targeting a capacity upgrade specifically will auto-reload your weapon as part of the upgrade (rather than using what you have in your inventory or ammo you sell), increasing your overall ammo space. The more ammo a weapon can hold, the more it will sell when empty.

That’s the exploit. Use R1 to empty your rifle, convert mines into salable ammo, and use the money to buy more nodes, the game’s upgrade currency, to improve your weapon’s abilities. Even after you have used up all your capacity nodes, you can continue to purchase respecs to restart the process and make a profit. Repeat until tired.

How to get a pulse rifle Dead Space

Exploits work (so does Linegun, which is in Chapter 4, but Pulse Rifle offers more capacity nodes), but it’s undeniable that there are some barriers to entry.

You first, of course, need to get the Pulse Rifle, the game’s most rapid-fire firearm, which you won’t acquire until Chapter 2, Intensive Care.

But once you’re in Chapter 2, the Rifle is easy to find. At the very start of the chapter, use the Kinesis module you just picked up to move a few magnetic boxes. Head up an inclined hallway and into a room marked Medical Tram Station. Go in. There’s a dying security officer (RIP) clutching the rifle.

As soon as she sputters out her last few breaths, you can take it from her and add it to your weapon wheel (rude).

How to upgrade your weapon at the Bench

As another Reddit commenter points out, it’s preferable that you use this exploit after you’ve already obtained seven Nodes.

In the Rifle’s upgrade path, seven Nodes work out to four improvements to capacity. Having that many capacity upgrades ensures that the cost of respecing the weapon won’t exceed or equate the value of the bullets you unload.


It’s best to use this exploit near both a Store and a Bench—in the early game, you can find that in the Flight Deck Tram Station.

Wherever you choose to sell and upgrade, though, moaning Necromorphs will likely flock toward you, drawn in by your entrepreneurial spirit. If you need to take them out and save your skin, make sure you use a weapon other than the Pulse Rifle so that you don’t deplete your sellable stock.

You can improve your Rifle’s upgrade path as you progress through Dead Space, too.

In Chapter 3, the Kinetic Autoloader Pulse Rifle Upgrade becomes available for purchase, and in Chapter 4, once you reach Security Level 3 clearance, you can open up a locker in the Electrical Storage Room (on Floor 3) in the Bridge’s Main Atrium to grab the P.C.S.I. Custom Magazine Pulse Rifle Upgrade, polygon NoteBoth of these upgrades increase the rifle’s capacity nodes and activate new ammo sales businesses.

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