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Cursed Mafia III Studio Hangar 13 Hit With New Round Of Layoffs

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The main character of Mafia III is looking over his shoulder while holding a rifle.

image: Hanger 13 / 2K

Hanger 13 cannot take a break.Studio behind Mafia IIIHaving been hit by multiple layoffs in the years following its launch in 2016, is once again at a loss. Kotaku In addition to a steady departure, we learned that the developers of the studio’s three global sites were parted and nearly 50 were fired at the Novat office in Hanger 13, California. This news arrives shortly after former studio director Haden Blackman. Resign earlier this month..

Nick Baines, the successor to Blackman, who is responsible for the Hanger 13 office in Brighton, England, told Novat staff at today’s meeting. Kotaku.. “We apologize for not being there to deliver this message. We are coming soon. We know we need regional leadership and structure and are working on it now.”

A little less than 50 of the approximately 87 staff currently assigned to the Novat facility will be reduced, according to sources familiar with the decision.when Mafia III Initially shipped, Novato Studios had over 100 full-time employees.

A 2K spokesman confirmed the layoff in a statement, but made no further comments.

2K is committed to the future of Hangar 13 as the studio navigates the challenging yet promising transition period. As part of an ongoing assessment to ensure that our resources are in line with our goals, we made some changes that resulted in a reduction in position and parting with some of our colleagues. These decisions are always difficult. We are working with affected employees to do everything we can to find new roles in other 2K projects and teams, fully supporting those who cannot be relocated, and our industry network. And resources are connected to find new opportunities outside. 2K.

After shipping Mafia III, Hangar 13 also contains the wreckage of 2K Czech, and numerous original IP prototypes have been created.But the studio Faced layoffs in 2017 and 2018And, in the end, most new projects were canceled, including one codenamed Volt, which shut down quietly, even though parent company Take-Two has already invested more than $ 50 million. Hundreds of developers lost their projects due to rapid cancellations.

Since then, many Hangar 13 developers have unintentionally migrated from one Take-Two game to another.As Kotaku Report earlier this monthBrighton’s office is currently leading the early production of new ones mafia The first part to be incorporated into Unreal Engine 5. The game is currently scheduled to be held in Italy. However, Take-Two treats Hangar 13 like an “insource” studio and uses Hangar 13 to help develop other publicly available games. Little Tina’s Wonderland, Kerbal Space Program 2When Marvel’s Midnight Sands..

Some have been shifted to as the developers have completed the tasks in some of these projects mafia The day before. Others have participated in the “Project Hammer”. Kotaku I understand that it is the return of my loved one Topspin Tennis series, and will be released before the new mafia.. Mr. Baines said during the meeting that Hanger 13 plans to focus almost exclusively on both future franchises.

Some of the remaining developers had jumped over the ship, and now it seems that 2K has decided to fire the rest. It’s not clear what the scope of the layoffs will be abroad, but Mr. Baines said on the phone that affected people may consider moving to other roles within a larger 2K organization. ..

“I hope as many of you as possible, preferably many of you, will stick to us and give us time to make things better in the future,” he said at the conference. “But I think it was probably a bit of a tough time when some of yesterday’s news culminated recently.”

One of the big questions is whether there will be more layoffs in the future. But Baines tried to downplay those fears. “Everyone who is still here wants you here as part of our future,” he said.

Update: 5/26/22 3:07 pm ET: Added comments from 2K.

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