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CS:GO Pro Pulls Off Incredible One-Shot Kill During Major

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don’t watch much Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional match Tournament or anything Sergey “Ax1Le” Rykhtorov‘s recent amazing one-shot kills CS:GO incredible tournaments.Even if you’ve never actually played CS:GO, that’s really something to see…assume you can see it too! Ax1Le’s one-shot kills are so fast that most people miss how awesome they are when they first occur.

Valve’s wildly popular tactical shooter CS:GO It’s been a while since it was first released in 2012. Over the next decade, the game will only grow as Valve continues to update it with new content every year. And in his decade, Valve’s shooter has been one of his most popular esports games.in the presence of many CS:GO The most famous and popular tournaments are hosted by Valve Major Championship, aka Majorpays out millions of dollars in prize money and is very popular online. And it was during the most recent major event that Ax1Le pulled off a wild one-shot drop kill.

erw1ce / valve

I went down yesterday during the 5th round match IEM Rio Major 2022 Challenger stage on the Mirage map. CS:GO pro and Cloud9 team member Ax1Le were stalking around Bomb Site B as terrorists. Suddenly he found his two counter-terrorists and did what others would do in that moment. Get an impressive instant one-shot kill by jumping out of a window A small margin of error in aiming makes it look like he’s shooting at a wall in replays. Anyone will do…

The moment goes by so quickly that at first the commentators weren’t quite sure what happened. It helped to show better and both commentators screamed. “What!?” at the same time.

Sure, he died seconds after making that cool shot, but his team won the round in the end. CS:GO, so it all kind of balances out in the end. And regardless of whether Cloud9 makes it to the finals (the tournament is still underway), he can always point to an incredibly unique shot and say, “That was me.” .

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