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ChromeOS and Microsoft 365 will start playing nicer with each other this year

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Expanding / ChromeOS is expected to improve support for OneDrive and Microsoft 365 “later this year.”


Google and Microsoft don’t always go to great lengths to make sure their products work well together. Google initially called Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser “not supported” By Google Drive web app. Microsoft Always trying to get you to use Bing— but it looks like Google’s ChromeOS will start working a little better with Microsoft 365 services later this year.

Google says ChromeOS Add a “new integration” for Microsoft 365simplifies app installation and adds built-in support for OneDrive to ChromeOS’ native Files app. This allows users to search and access their OneDrive files the same way they access files stored in their local files or Google Drive accounts. The integration will be added in the “coming months” and will be accessible to users on ChromeOS’s dev and beta channels before it rolls out to all his ChromeOS users later this year.

ChromeOS users can currently access OneDrive and other Microsoft 365 services via the web interface or Android apps installed via the Google Play Store, but they can’t integrate with the built-in ChromeOS Files app like Google Drive does. . This integration can help bridge the gap, for example, if you use Google products at home and Microsoft products at work, or vice versa.

Unlike iOS and Android, where Microsoft has given up on being a competitor and is now focused on offering apps and services, Microsoft is trying to both expand and maintain its foothold in ChromeOS while trying to beat it down. increase.of Surface Laptop SE and Windows 11 SE are built to compete with ChromeOS hardware and software (respectively), offering some of the same management tools and features that made ChromeOS so popular in schools. I’m trying

For those who are all-in on Microsoft 365, Windows continues to provide the best integration with Microsoft’s cloud offerings. Apart from native versions such as Word Don’t call it an Office appMicrosoft is also testing Improved version of Windows 11 File Explorer Deeper integration between OneDrive and Microsoft 365 file sharing.

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