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Celebrate Black History Month with Artist Decal Series | Rocket League®

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please join rocket league Celebrate Black History Month All February! We’re Dropping 3 free bundles Throughout the month in the Item Shop, each bundle celebrates the work of a talented Black artist.

The first to appear is illustrator Geneva Bowers. sunniya decalHer fanciful designs are also featured in matching sunnya avatar border When sunnya player bannerThe next two free bundle drops will be announced on our blog and social later this month.

From now until February 28th, grab the Sunniya by Geneva Bowers Bundle in the Item Shop from the Black History Month tab in-game!

Sunniya by Geneva Bowers Bundle (Free)

  • sunniya decal

  • sunnya avatar border

  • sunnya player banner


meet the artist

Geneva Bowers Comics, children’s books, and now football! Mixing vivid concepts with ethereal colors, her mystical illustrations bring everyday scenarios to life. During our collaboration, we took the time to ask a few questions about her, her art, and her story.

Q. Please tell us about your path to building a career in the art industry.

A. Start at university. I dropped out after a year for several reasons. I had no other skills than drawing. But that was what I could “do”, so I stuck to making a career in artwork. After reading random user replies on now-dead forums on the internet, I’ve learned that an art degree is “not necessary.” So I studied online using YouTube and blogs and reached a level where I could be hired. I stumbled across a great opportunity from a tea design company that just happened to work! Even after work, I tried to improve my drawing and general skill set.After a few years, the freelance illustration I was doing as a side job overtook the pace of my work, so I decided to become a full freelancer. selected. Since then it’s been working fine.

Geneva.jpgVoyage by Geneva Bowers, Lucid Blade, Grasp

Q. A lot of your work combines the mystical with the mundane. Can you talk about your connection to the magic of the world?

A. A lot of my art is just a “what if”. What if this electric tower was the same and had a dragon on it? What if this windowsill was the same… but with a dragon on it?? We all have to live a mundane, everyday life, and I find a lot of my inspiration in common fantasy, so it kind of cohesive.

Q. As a big fan of magical girls, I would like to ask about the webcomic HoverGirls. What inspired you to start working on such long-term projects?

A. I’ve always wanted to do comics, so thank you for the HG idea! I grew up on VHS tapes of her magical girl girlfriend and love to peck at tropes, so this webcomic was the perfect vehicle to steal from anime and show that love. HG will also be published in Bloomsbury next year (2024) with about 40% more stories and basically all the artwork redone. However, webcomics will always be online.

Also, as an aside, as someone who draws a lot of books and covers that are mostly aimed at teens, I really wished there was a story that wasn’t just black and people of color. There are a lot of nasty “black struggles” stories/major plot points that I rarely saw or focused on the fact that the main characters happen to be POC or POC or black. HG’s characters only play to established traits, which is a ridiculous predicament they happen to be shoved into.

keyboard12.jpgArtist Geneva Bowers

Q. What do you think of video games as an interactive art form?

A. Gaming is a great art form. It gathers most of the senses and you can manipulate everything on it! I was especially impressed with the games from the PS1/PS2 era. All the tricks have been pulled to present this package of sensory art with a very limited amount of data/space. You can tell when something has a lot of love and thought put into it.

Q. Different types of games attract different people. Are there any genres of games that resonate with you?

A. Roguelikes and roguelikes. can’t get enough. Randomization, reboots, dungeons and loot are the ultimate dopamine hits for me. It quickly chokes out other genre games with roguelike elements.

Q. How do you want your art to affect the world?

A. I just want to make people happy. There’s a lot going on all the time. So I just want people to see a representative of themselves and feel a little more at ease for the day.

Enjoy Geneva’s artwork in Rocket League! Check her out Instagram When shopGo ahead, grab her free item bundle and keep an eye out for our next artist feature later this month.

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