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Bluebird Simulations 757 Detailing Showcased in Video

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A technical advisor for Bluebird Simulations, which is currently developing a Boeing 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, has released a short video of the aircraft in its current state, showing the already high level of detail you can expect to see in this aircraft. final product.

Eviator, whose real name is Mitch, 2 minute video released His YouTube channel showcases some of the features you can expect. Mitch explains in the video that he is a commercial pilot of the Canadian airline’s Boeing 757 and 767 and that as his technical advisor on the project he is working with Bluebird Simulations.

In the video he says: 757 to life”.

The engine in this still shows that the texturing contains dirt and wear

Mitch shows us some of the details already found on the engine. The textures look high resolution, with dirt, wear and scratches visible all over the cowling and around the fan blades. Mitch explains that the engine (RB211-535E4) allows him to put out 43,500 pounds of thrust, giving him a thrust-to-weight ratio of 0.341 for a Boeing 757 with this engine configuration. Even in 2023, nothing beats it.

Mitch then moves to the fan blade and engine spinner views. From the image we can again see visible dirt and wear added to the texture.

Learn more about Bluebird Simulations 757 in this video
Added dirt and weathering to the inside of the engine cowling

Then get a view of the forward landing gear. Mitch explains that the taxi lights are missing because Boeing originally shipped the plane with an optional extra taxi light between the two wheels. I’m here. The version of the aircraft that can be seen in the video does not have taxi lights installed, but it remains to be seen if Bluebird Simulations will include it as an option when the aircraft is released, as Fenix ​​Simulations has done with options such as brakes. I do not know. fan.

Learn more about Bluebird Simulations 757 in this video
Boeing 757 was equipped with optional taxi lights

Next to the forward gear you can see the P62 control panel. Mitch explains that the panel can be used by a ground engineer to shut down his APU in the event of a fire. The textures here are definitely not as impressive as those in the engine, but the video description makes it clear that what you’re seeing here doesn’t necessarily reflect the final product. Last”.

The video concludes with Mitch sharing just a handful of the features you can expect from Bluebird Simulations Boeing 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and that updates will continue to be posted to the project through social media.

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