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Bizzarrini Is Back With a V12-Powered Hypercar Called Giotto

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A glimpse into the future.
image: Bizzarrini

The world may be on fire. Dramatic change in our lifestyle To prevent catastrophe, the news has not yet reached Italy.The rest of the car manufacturers on the planet switch to electric or hybrid power, and global power ban petrol carsan Italian supercar maker is head over heels for a monster with an all-new V12.

And while you might expect news to come, Something like a Lamborghini Or Pagani, from neither. This new fuel-burning behemoth belongs to the historic brand Bizzarrini, which is making a comeback for 2020.

As the company rose from the dead, We have built stunning replicas of the 5300 GT, raced and won at Le Mans in the 1960s. Now the company is back with an all-new car designed by the same hand as his 5300 GT.

Factory rendering of two Bizzarini sports cars.

New Old meets New New.
image: Bizzarrini

Called the Bizzarrini Giotto, the concept features bespoke carbon fiber bodywork, 5300GTUp front you’ll find the same center-mounted badging flanked by dual vents that house ultra-slim LED headlights.

In profile, there’s 5300 GT B-pillar ‘rethink’ And a wraparound windshield. On newer cars, this has a rear mid-mounted engine. Past the engine housing, the rear end of the car tapers and curves into an aerodynamic teardrop shape.

As with the 5300 GT, if you squint a little you might assume this is a Ferrari design study. That’s not a bad thing.

The parallels to Bizzarrini’s origins also extend beneath the surface. Whereas historic models like the P538S were powered by naturally aspirated V12 engines, so is the Giotto. Newer cars don’t use the same powerplant, but Bizzarrini says it’s planning It combines a V12 engine with an 8-speed dual clutch transmission.

A rendering of the front end of the Bizzarrini Giotto supercar.

What’s your name?
image: Bizzarrini

Development of the car’s powertrain will be overseen by Bizzarrini’s Chief Technology Officer Chris Porritt, who has worked at Aston Martin and Tesla. and Rimac.

Other than that, Bizzarrini keeps the additional details of the new car pretty close to its chest. The company says further technical information will be released later this year, and it plans to start testing the new car next year.

This gives 10 years of grace before the ICE ban takes effect. Good luck.

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