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Billy Mitchell Photos Emerge Showing Non-Original Donkey Kong Hardware Apparently Used For Disputed Scores

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New evidence has been discovered that suggests Billy Mitchell did indeed cheat to achieve his record-breaking Donkey Kong score. This is what the twin his galaxies removed from the record board, as it is said to have been achieved through emulation rather than the original arcade his hardware, and Mitchell will sue the records management company for it.

As Karl Jobst revealed Youtube In the video at the top of the page, never-before-seen photographic evidence shows what appears to be a non-original, potentially eight-way joystick as opposed to the four-way stick on the original cabinet. is shown. This difference makes certain moves easier to perform, giving an unfair advantage to those using it over those using the original hardware.

A problematic red stick that differs significantly from the arcade’s original black stick with a chrome-plated stem — image: Karl Joost

For those unfamiliar with this whole despicable tale, we’ve detailed it many times in the past. king of kongscore submitted by surfaced firstThe gameplay featured in the video was shown to be from the emulator rather than the original Donkey Kong arcade cabinet. Mitchell argued that the video must have been fabricated as part of “a conspiracy almost as widespread (and unsupportable) as the Kennedy assassination,” as stated in subsequent legal documents. He argued that the tape itself was irrelevant anyway, as he performed a feat in a live setting with

twin galaxy Nuke Mitchell Score Back in 2018, recognizing Steve Weave as the first million-point DK player while banning him from competing. then returned to work According to Guinness World Records and Mitchell start legal proceedings against the twin galaxy claimed My doctor of 30 years refused my annual checkup due to suspicion of wrongdoing.

You can read more about all these events in our article at the bottom of the page, but in the end Mitchell’s current case is about how he achieved his high score on completely unaltered original arcade hardware. claims. The video above’s questionable credibility (seriously, it’s only 13 minutes, so watch it) — and these newly discovered photos provide compelling evidence to suggest otherwise.

unknown at this time Exactly We don’t know what impact this new evidence will have on Mitchell’s case in the ongoing lawsuit, but we can imagine that this would be a very significant setback in his efforts to clear his name. The story continues.

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