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Bethesda’s Starfield pays homage to Halo with hidden Reach-inspired planet

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Published: 2023-09-17T06:30:42

  ❘   Updated: 2023-09-17T06:30:55

In a universe as vast and intricate as Bethesda’s latest RPG, Starfield, players are bound to stumble upon easter eggs and hidden gems. However, a recent discovery has left fans of both Starfield and the Halo series in awe.

Players have found that within the expansive cosmos of Starfield, there lies a planet strikingly reminiscent of the iconic Reach from the Halo series.

The revelation came to light when a player shared their findings on Reddit, stating, “In the Halo lore, the planet Reach is the second planet from the sun in the Eridani system. If you go to that system in Starfield and visit Eridani II, you will find a lush breathable planet with many biomes similar to how Reach was portrayed in the game. Have fun with your outposts.”

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While some might argue that the presence of such a planet is a given, considering both Halo and Starfield reference real-world systems, the uncanny resemblance in the environment is what caught many off guard.

Another Reddit user commented, “Due to the nature of Halo and Starfield both using real systems, the planet itself being present is kind of a given, but it was a pleasant surprise to find the environment so similar to what was represented in parts of Halo Reach. Coincidence, perhaps, but a welcome one at that.”

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The nods to the Halo series don’t stop there. Players have also noticed ships in the Starfield universe named “Longswords” that bear a striking resemblance to the UNSC longswords from Halo.

One player shared, “I thought that too. Saw the ship named Longsword, the ship was a grey military color and vaguely triangle shaped, just like the longsword in halo. Seemed obvious, So I bought it.”

It’s worth noting that the Starfield community has always been keen on spotting such details. With Starfield’s vast universe, players have also recreated iconic ships from other franchises, such as Star Fox’s Arwing and even Darth Maul’s ship from Star Wars.

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While Bethesda has yet to confirm the intentional homage to Halo, the discovery has certainly added another layer of depth to the Starfield experience.

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