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Best Android tablets – The best deals in November 2022

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Android tablets are going through a renaissance of sorts. New interest at the software level and from hardware manufacturers. If you’re looking to pick up a tablet this holiday season, these are the best Android tablets to choose from.

Best Android Tablets – November 2022

9to5Google’s selection of the best Android tablets is based on price, performance, length of software support, and US availability.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series

If you really want the very best when it comes to Android tablets, the Galaxy Tab S8, S8+, and S8 Ultra are for you.

All three run on super-powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processors, have plenty of storage and microSD card slots, and have big, bright displays. The Tab S8 has an 11-inch LCD display, while the Tab S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra both have AMOLED displays. The Tab S8+ has a size of 12.4 inches and the Ultra has a screen size of 14.6 inches. All three also include an S Pen in the box.

you Get Android 13 As of November 2022, all three tablets have software support This will run for 4 years for major Android updates and 5 years for security updates, starting with the tablet release in early 2022.

Of course, all three come with a price. The Galaxy Tab S8 starts at $699, the Tab S8+ starts at $899, and the Tab S8 Ultra starts at $1,099. However, Black Friday has some killer deals, including: Hundreds Off Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

amazon fire tablet

On the other end of the spectrum, the Amazon Fire tablet series is a great place to go for the best value. version of Android.

But if you’re looking to stream movies, play games, read books, or just do general web browsing, the Amazon Fire tablet is a great option.there is even SPECIAL EDITION FOR KIDS INCLUDED Protective case and replacement warranty.

Amazon Fire Tablet 7 (2022)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

A more affordable option for a feature-packed Play Store powered tablet is the Galaxy Tab A8. Samsung’s affordable tablet features a 10.5-inch display, USB-C charging, 128GB of storage, and an affordable $229 price point. $149 for Black Friday.

Instead, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has a smaller 8.7-inch display and a $159 price tag, but it’s Black Friday is $99.

Perhaps the biggest asterisk of these tablets is the software update policy. This policy only gives him two major Android updates and less frequent security patches.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Lenovo P12 Pro

An alternative to Samsung’s high-end Galaxy Tab S8 series is the Lenovo P12 Pro. It also features his 12.6-inch AMOLED display, Snapdragon 870 processor and accompanying stylus. P12 Pro launched with Android 11, but Android 12L in progressIt was a great alternative and left us walk away pretty happy. Also, the function Google’s entertainment space Other tablet-only features. It usually sells for $750, but you can find it for less.

Buy Lenovo P12 Pro

Or… maybe just get an iPad

Android tablets are getting better and better, but it’s clear that Apple’s iPad is the best tablet for anyone, even if you have an Android phone. Get years of major updates, a robust library of apps and games optimized for the big screen, and software that takes better advantage of the big screen. many Android tablet.

The most affordable iPad is the $329 iPad 9th generation, which sells frequently. For Black Friday, the price drops to just $270.

The next step from there is the iPad 10th generation, with a redesign and a price tag of $449. The iPad Air and iPad Pro offer even more features and performance for their higher price points.You are You can learn more at 9to5Mac.

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