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Apple Watch sensor has racial bias, claims new lawsuit

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A new class action lawsuit against Apple apple watch Blood oxygen sensors are racially biased towards darker-skinned people.

Plaintiff Alex Morales says he purchased the Apple Watch between 2020 and 2021. He said he was aware of the device’s pulse oximetry capabilities and believed it was doing this regardless of skin tone.

“For decades, there have been reports that such devices are significantly less accurate in measuring blood oxygen levels based on skin color,” the lawsuit claims. ‘s ‘real-world significance’ was not addressed until during the coronavirus pandemic, which converged on a greater awareness of the systemic racism that exists in many aspects of society.”

The lawsuit also alleges that researchers “confirmed the clinical significance of racial bias in pulse oximetry using patient records taken during and before the pandemic.”

Consequently, “black patients may be at increased risk of hypoxemia when relying on pulse oximetry for patient triage and adjustment of supplemental oxygen levels.”

Morales filed a lawsuit on December 24 on behalf of all New York consumers who purchased an Apple Watch within the statute of limitations. He has also filed lawsuits on behalf of residents under the consumer fraud laws of Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

The lawsuit also accuses Apple of breaches of express warranties, fraud, and unjust enrichment, alleging violations of the New York General Business Act and the state’s Consumer Fraud Prevention Act.

Apple Watch Skin Awareness

The 2022 lawsuit isn’t the only skin complaint the Apple Watch has faced. Back in 2015, users complained A black wrist tattoo interfered with the device’s heart sensor.

Apple fixed this issue May 2015“Permanent or temporary changes to your skin, such as some tattoos, can also affect the heart rate sensor’s performance. Please read our latest support page. Some tattoo inks, Pattern, and Saturation can block light from the sensor, please get reliable readings.”

These issues existed before Apple added a blood oxygen sensor. add to product line with apple watch series 6 2020.

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