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Apple Watch Pride Band: hands-on with the new accessories

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Earlier this week, Apple Latest addition For the annual collection of in-house pride watch bands. By offering two new styles for wearables, the band will be available from the Apple Store and the first order will reach the buyer. Now, to celebrate the LGBTQIA + community, we’re actually looking at two new products that blend a regular premium build with some added flair.

Apple Watch Pride Band Hands On Look

Each year, Apple expands its collection of Apple Watch Bands with new products in honor of Pride Month. This time around 2022 Refresh pair And a special edition sports loop band.

As always with sports loop bands, these special editions include a pride version, with a soft woven build featuring adjustable straps. It’s the actual design that gets all the love from Apple, but when it comes to form factor, nothing is out of the norm.

Apple Watch Pride Band

Two unique arrivals Still similar design, Each of the new Apple Watch bands has a pride-themed design that you’d expect. There are both standard white versions that join the lineup alongside Apple’s latest collaboration at the Nike Front, which produces a sleek black design. In each case, the base of the strap is printed with a rainbow stripe of pride flag and spreads with velcro.

Both share a similar design inspired by one of the first in the lineup, the Progress Pride Flag, which specifically represents the LGBTQIA + community and transfolks that Apple has reached its limits with pink and blue stripes. increase. Standing out from each other, there are some differences between what Apple’s standard and Nike versions bring to the table.

The notable white design has a carved part on the outside, pride Towards the end of the band with the same style of cursive as the iconic cursive hello message. The Nike version abandons its inclusion in order to obtain a smoother black design that further enhances the contrast between the dark base and the bright pride flag color.Also included with each of the new Apple Watch Pride bands My matching watch faceClosing the looks.

So how does the Apple Watch Pride band come directly?Check out these hands-on shots from 9to5Mac For a better idea:

9to5Mac take

I’ve collected each of Apple’s new Pride Watch bands over the past few years, and these new releases are some of my favorites so far. The sport loop design is already popular for many reasons, and incorporating the added styling into the mix feels very good for this queer writer. I’m sure a lot of people will be drawn to the black Nike version because of its sleek design, but I’m still quite part of the uniqueness that Apple has packed into its standard model.

You can order Yours today from Apple’s website $ 49 eachAnd the company is committed to financially supporting LGBTQIA + organizations working to bring about positive changes in diversity.

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