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Apple TV adding QMS VRR support in software update

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of First review of the new Apple TV 4K was announced this morning with an overwhelmingly positive consensus. One interesting tip revealed in these reviews is that the Apple TV 4K has another trick that will be added in a future software update. Better support for variable refresh rates.

According to reviews of The Barge When TechCrunch, A future update of tvOS will add support for what is called quick media switching, commonly referred to as QMS VRR. This is a feature of HDMI 2.1 that was not supported by previous Apple TV models, and is not yet supported by HDMI 2.1-equipped TVs themselves.

tvOS currently has two different “Match Content” settings. One for dynamic range and one for frame rate. With these features enabled, you will see a black screen every time tvOS switches to match the frame rate of your movie or TV show. flat panel HD Here’s how this feature works:

  • Match Frame Rate: Apple TV 4K respects the source by always matching its output to the frame rate of the video content. This will change the Apple TV output to 24.000Hz or 23.976Hz if a 24fps or 23.976fps movie/series is being streamed, or 50Hz if you are watching 25/50fps content (e.g. from Europe). You have changed the output and are watching 30/60fps content (e.g. US).

However, with QMS VRR support, enabling the “Match frame rate” option will eliminate this black screen. Instead, start a movie or TV show at a specific frame rate and Apple TV seamlessly switches between frame rates.

The Barge:

The 3rd generation Apple TV 4K has another future-proof. Later this year, a software update will add support for what is known as QMS VRR. This allows compatible TVs to switch between different frame rates without black screens or noticeable picture interruptions. How many TVs do you have that work with QMS VRR? Well, zero so far. But next year we will start seeing them hit the market. Stay tuned for more announcements at CES about this feature. I’ve never been bothered by a brief flicker when changing framerates, but I never miss one either.

but as a matter of course The Barge There are currently no TVs on the market that support QMS VRR. There’s also no information on exactly when Apple will add this feature to tvOS, but there’s a lack of support from TV makers at this point, so there’s no rush.

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