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Apple slammed for ‘tone deaf’ Black History Month exercise challenge

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Apple’s Black History Month campaign has been particularly criticized for being ‘toneless’ Tyre Nichols fatal blow last month.

“Good morning to all the non-Apple people who pressed this notification this morning.” TikToker Tamika Turnerfor anyone using @prettycritical in their app, Said in a clip that recorded 20,000 views It was posted on Monday.

She showed a picture of her Apple Watch with the message “Unity Challenge” on it. Closing Move Ring for her 7th straight day in February will earn you this Unity Award. ” Closing the Move ring means reaching your fitness goals.

“It is unbelievable and unacceptable. Killing Tyre Nicholsthe only thing Apple has to say about honoring black people and black history is “use our products and maybe lose a little weight”.

The Post has reached out to Apple for comment.

TikToker’s Tamika Turner’s protest against Apple’s Black History Month campaign struck a chord with other users of the platform.
Instagram / mami.wata

Nichols, 29, died Jan. 10 After a severe beating at the hands of Memphis police. his murdersparked during a traffic stop just meters from her mother’s house nationwide protest.

Some people criticized Apple’s campaign in the comments section of Turner’s viral clip.

“Yes! I thought this was so strange,” one accused.

“I was blown away when I got this. They also win the weirdest awards in general. When I got the watch, I didn’t expect this to happen.” someone else blamed.

“No, there are so many other things they could have done on their platform to support the Black community and Black creators.”

In a viral clip, Turner called Black History Month content “unacceptable.”
Instagram / mami.wata

“Tell me there are no black people in your marketing department,” one user asked.

“Less weight to end racism was not the approach I thought I’d ever heard,” someone else quipped.

“They literally demand labor to honor their descendants. [sic] of slavery,” another shocked user wrote.

In addition to fitness challenges, Apple also focuses on the work and stories of people in the Black community. Apple Music’s “For Us, By Us” playlist contains curated music that expresses “resilience and resistance.”

The media giant’s Black Unity Collection includes a special edition Apple Watch Black Unity Sport Loop, new matching watch faces and iPhone wallpapers. Apple also promises new meditations dedicated to Black History Month, led by her Fitness+ trainer JoAnna Hardy. among other initiatives.

Apple logo on the building
Apple said it is celebrating Black History Month with exclusive content and select launches that celebrate black culture and community.
Getty Images

apple watch
Some TikTokers defended the challenge, but Turner claimed it was “lost news.”
Bloomberg via Getty Images

When some TikTokers pointed out that Apple celebrated Black History Month in a similar fashion Last year, Turner countered that the campaign was not “malicious” but rather “tonal and picky.”

Anger occurs after just one month Apple embroiled in class action lawsuit It claims that the Apple Watch’s blood oximeter has a “racial prejudice” against people with darker skin.

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