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AMD Mendocino APUs Might Feature Just Two RDNA 2 Compute Units

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Twitter’s famous leaker KOMACHI_ENSAKA has unearthed information about the new AMD Dendocino APU, which offers only two RDNA2 computing units. The original leak was posted by the Weibo Leaker GoldenPigUpgrade Pack and discovered by ITHome. This leak is AYANEO AirPlus console Accommodates a new APU.

AMD Dendocino APU rumored to have only two RDNA2 computing units

The company announced the AMD Dendocino APU, which was held both digitally and face-to-face during Computex 2022. AMD’s new APU is a low-power chip based on the Zen2 CPU core made with RDNA2 graphics. The similarities between the AYANEO AirPlus console and the Valve Steam Deck are almost indistinguishable because the former uses the same unique configuration.

AMD Ryzen 7000’s “Raphael” CPU has a maximum frequency limit of 5.85GHz

Again, AMD doesn’t elaborate on Mendocino’s RDNA2 GPU configuration. Also, like Rafael, perfect performance is not an important focus. Angstronomics can reveal Mendocino graphics, codenames Thiel HataIncludes one RDNA2WGP.

Via Angstronomics

The architecture between the new quad-core Mendocino APU and the Van Gogh series from the same company may be using the same architecture as more information is posted daily. Readers will notice that AMD has already confirmed that Mendocino and Van Goff use two different silicon for each processor. However, AMD has not yet provided a complete specification for the Mendocino graphics subsystem based on the RDNA2 architecture, but both offer the same 4-core and 8-thread Zen2 CPU configurations.

Weibo’s Golden Pig Upgrade Pack, which remains one of the best usernames in the author’s opinion, has found information suggesting that Mendocino has only two computing units on the chip. For reference, Van Gogh offers as many RDNA2 computing units as the rumored cores of the Mendocino APU.

AMD Raphael is expected to offer four RDNA 2 computing units. Due to this, it is considered that the Mendocino configuration is not compatible with the game. AMD has declared the same conclusion. However, AYANEO Air Plus does provide 1080p resolution for the console display. This is suitable for low level integrated graphics.

Neither AYANEO nor AMD have explicitly specified the compute unit configuration for the Mendocino APU, so much of what we see is speculation. The Golden Pig Upgrade Pack is a low speculation level because it previously provided indisputable information before the company provided full confirmation.

Rumors of two computing units for the APU aren’t shocking, as AMD Mendocino has been announced for major use on lightweight laptops.

News source: Golden Pig Upgrade Pack via Weibo, ITHome, @KOMACHI_ENSAKA via Twitter , Videocardz

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