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Alchemy sim Potion Craft has the best crafting system ever concocted

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I’m a big fan of life sim minigames. Cooking, crafting, mining, gardening, and all the other video game-esque tasks make a little mundane a fun little treat, and the developer seems to agree with Niceplay Games. Because we took the fun of tactile crafting and created an entire potion brewing sim around it. Their crafting system is not only creative and clever, it’s also extremely satisfying.

As I wrote before, potion craft it’s out now You play as an alchemist who has set up shop in an old wizard’s shack, ready to sell you lots of bubbly brews and concoctions to the locals. People will come to your shop during the day to discuss their problems, so you’ll have to listen to each customer’s problem, create the right potion, and receive a nice handful of gold in return. It’s essentially a shop management sim as you buy ingredients and negotiate to get a good deal.But the best part of Potion Craft is all in the title. It’s starting to work on the art of potion brewing.

It’s a little abstract, so bear with me. A map with trading tools such as a cauldron, bellows, mortar, and pestle is used for brewing potions. The idea is to move a small potion bottle around the map and stop when it lands on a potion icon. Adding ingredients to the cauldron sets the course for the bottles, and stirring the mixture sets the bottles in motion. Upon reaching the icon on the map, the bellows can be pumped and the concoction will be brewed into a magical potion. Fufu! free!

I honestly love the whole process of this system, from the moment you pick up the first ingredient to the magical puff of smoke that indicates the potion is finished. Much of the map is hidden in the fog of war, so moving the bottle feels like going on a small adventure into the unknown. Since different ingredients move potions in specific directions, choosing what and when to use requires some finesse, especially when navigating the skull patch that initially sends the potion back. , all efforts will be in vain.

It’s tactile, but it’s by no means difficult and requires great finesse to master. just The right amount to stop the bottle exactly where you want it is very satisfying and a convenience that can be used to dilute the mixture and put the bottle back in place if you slightly exceed your goal There’s a juicy pot of water. It’s this delicate movement that truly captures the art of potion brewing. The closest I’ve ever gotten to achieving a similar balance is to perfectly balance white rum, pineapple juice, and coconut cream to make the perfect pina colada.

Another nice detail is reflected in every sound.The bubbly as he heats the beer, the crunch as he grinds the roots, the gentle clatter of the mortar and pestle, it’s like his ASMR in alchemy. Alchemy ASMR Of course that is true).

I still have a lot of maps left to explore in Potion Craft, so I think it will be my first game for the Christmas holidays. There’s a big, old, dusty chemistry in the store’s basement that I still don’t quite understand, and Niceplay Games has announced a number of future updates.

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