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Adds Road Atlanta and Car Selling Feature – GTPlanet

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latest update of Gran Turismo 7 is coming, bringing tons of new content, more high-value events, and one of the most requested features since the launch of . Gran Turismo Sport 2017.

It’s just over 2.5GB on the PlayStation 4 and just under 3.1GB on the PlayStation 5. This is not only one of the most important updates in the life of the game, but also one of the most important.

New cars, new trucks, new features, specials and much more to explore anniversary celebration When world final content.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.26 New Features

The biggest news for most players in this update is the new car sales feature. This will eventually allow you to remove the spare car from your garage, offering credit rewards for doing so.

Officially known as a car rating service. This is the most complex version of this feature ever seen in a Gran Turismo game, as it takes into account the vehicle’s mileage, tuning state, and ‘market dynamics’. This isn’t specifically spelled out, but it could suggest that if many players are selling the same car, the price will drop.

After completing GT Cafe Menu Book 39 (the last main menu book), go to the Used Car Dealer and click in the top right corner[車の査定サービス]You have to click the tool to access the functionality.

You can select a car from the garage other than your current car, manufacturer loan car, DLC car (including reservation benefits) and have it assessed.

An evaluation consists of two components. Body Rating is the car’s current valuation (at about 50% of the “base” price) and changes daily. You can sell your car for that amount. Beware of losing tuning parts.

One fun twist is that you can only sell one instance of a given vehicle per day. I hope the Honda NSX Gr.B has too many cars to shift…

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.26 New Tracks

The 1.26 update adds one of the most requested real-world circuits on the GTPlanet Suggestions forum: Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta.

This 2.54-mile circuit near Braselton, Georgia is home to the annual Petit Le Mans event. His 10-hour endurance race at this circuit features the world’s fastest closed-wheel cars and is a staple on the North Motorsport calendar. American IMSA series.

Featuring 12 corners and some steep elevation changes, it should offer plenty of challenges. There is also a new circuit experience with the Volkswagen Beetle Gr.3 and he gets a bonus of 1,000,000cr for completing all sectors in gold.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.26 New Cars

The update also includes 3 new cars, 2 of which are in used car dealers and will initially be available immediately as semi-permanent “hot” picks. One is at Brand Central.

Perhaps the headline for most motorsport enthusiasts is the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500. This limited edition Sierra RS Cosworth was developed by Aston his Martin and Tickford as a homologation model for Group A racing and the ‘Cossy’ was a huge success. Now on used cars he can collect for 200,000cr.

Modern sports car fans are also looking forward to the BMW M2 Competition. Based on BMW’s smallest coupe form, this M car is a topical model equipped with a 405 horsepower inline 6 turbo. If anything, it looks more like the original E30 M3 than the current M3, and at Brand Central he can be purchased for 91,000cr.

Finally, there is one for JDM fans, the Nissan Silvia (S14) KS Aero 1996. This includes all major Gran Turismo titles ( GT SportAs a 208-horsepower, front-engined, rear-wheel-drive coupe, it’s plenty fun to drive.

  • BMW M2 Competition 2018 – 91,000cr (Brand Central)
  • Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 1987 – 200,000cr (Used car)
  • Nissan Silvia (S14) KS Aero 1996 – 60,000cr (Used car)

It’s technically an existing car livery, but it also has a unique name. That’s the Red Bull X2019 25th Anniversary, complete with a faded red/blue paint scheme and special decals. Simply click on his 25th Anniversary Event badge at the top of the home screen to “earn” the car.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.26 New Event

The update features a selection of new single and multiplayer events, many of which are related to our 25th anniversary celebrations.

There are five permanent additions to the race roster, three of which are at the new Road Atlanta circuit location, usually GT7 Prize value. they are:

  • Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta
    • racing turbo sports car
    • American FR Challenge 550
    • Gr.1 prototype series
  • Brands Hatch
    • European FR Challenge 550
  • Willow Springs Raceway
    • Historic Sports Car Masters

Behind the 25th anniversary event badge at the top of the screen are two bonus single player events available through January 3rd. There is a Manufacturers Cup event consisting of his 10-lap race at the Circuit de Spa. Francorchamps — this weekend’s Grand Final race — and the Nations Cup race, similar to Thursday’s Loser Easter event, using Willow Springs’ Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak.

Each gold is worth 1.8 million credits (300,000cr for 10th and above, 500,000cr, 1,000,000cr for 5th and above) and each prize can only be won once.

There is also a new online time trial using the same Escudo/Willow combination. Curiously, it lasted until Monday December 5th, when previously double prizes were being discussed, but now the usual prize of up to 2,000,000cr in gold time (which is the current record plus 3%). Shown in prize money.

A PlayStation Plus subscription is required for Daily Race A and other events in Championship Events not yet available.

Daily Race A will cycle through three World Finals-themed events over the next two weeks. The first is the Gr.3 race from the Manufacturers’ Cup to Deep Forest Rivers until November 28th. Then it’s the Nations Regional Event featuring the Lamborghini VGT in Monza until December 2nd. Finally, there is the race for another regional event for the McLaren MP4/4 at Interlagos. Each worth four times his normal winnings.

Championship events are also based on the World Finals. The Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup Series will be held on November 25th, November 29th and December 2nd at Fuji for his GR010 with his three races. December 3rd. Finally, his X28 and Trial Mountain Reverse for the Nations Cup on November 28th, December 1st and December 2019.

Finally, there are two new extra menu books, each with car collection tasks. In Book 12 Classic he needs to get the Renault trio and as a reward he gets a 6 star parts his ticket. Book 13 is his Skyline GT-R collection. Requires access to Legends Cars (you can add cars to your wishlist directly from the Menu Book and get notified when they are in stock) — prize with 6-star engine ticket.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.26 Other Changes

Starting with two new sets of scapes, there are a few other changes as well. These consist of a set at Road Atlanta and a themed “illumination” collection featuring creatively lit backdrops.

New vehicle liveries based on those used in this weekend’s World Finals are now available in the Showcase section of the World Map. These are free to download and use in your car. You can also find 23 new ‘real’ car paints on GT Auto. In-game credits required for purchase.

The penalty lines on the reverse courses of Deep Forest and Trial Mountain have been adjusted, and physical adjustments have been made to the two Super Formula SF19 cars.

New options for button assignments have been added for players using the Thrustmaster T-GT and Fanatec GT DD Pro.

There’s also a selection of new engine swaps that haven’t been announced but are still being revealed by the community. Dedicated forum thread.

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