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Activision u-turn on Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition after owners call it a “scam”

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Published: 2022-11-04T16:41:31

Has been updated: 2022-11-04T16:41:43

Call of Duty players left frustrated after discovering that not all copies of Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition came with double XP tokens — but now Activision and Infinity Ward have ruled out the first and 10 hours of double XP tokens for all Vault Edition owners.

after the launch of modern warfare 2with sales of $800 million, The most successful CoD launch in historymany players who purchased the premium Vault edition of the game found they weren’t given the 10-hour double XP token that was meant to come with the more expensive versions of the game.

This actually came down to the fine print rules of the transaction, which specified that players would only get 2XP tokens if they purchased the game through the Vanguard, Cold War, or Modern Warfare (2019) stores. .

This was something many players weren’t aware of when purchasing, leading to confusion and ultimately, Claims to be a ‘cowardly’ move from developers.

In a statement released a week later on Friday, November 4, Call of Duty addressed the concerns, acknowledging that there was “some confusion” about the offer, and advised players to follow the rules. Confirmed to change. said:

“We know there’s been some confusion about in-game store exclusive rewards for the Vault Edition. As such, we’re giving all players who currently own or have purchased any version of the MWII Vault Edition a 10-hour Double We have decided to offer XP Tokens and 10 hours of Double Weapon XP Tokens, current owners who have not yet received their tokens should expect to see them in their accounts within the next 48 hours. ”

This means that the Double XP Token will be rolled out to players around the world from the time of its announcement and will be available in-game by Sunday, November 6th.

This is only available to players who purchased the Vault Edition of the game, but players who only got the Standard Edition can upgrade their copy with the following steps.

  • PlayStation: If you purchased the Digital Cross-Gen Edition, the Vault Edition will appear at a reduced price on the PlayStation Store. Pre-order this version of his Vault Edition to upgrade.
  • Xbox: To upgrade, you must order Vault Edition from the Store.
  • Battlenet: Visit the Battle.net shop to purchase Vault Edition upgrades.
  • vapor: Visit the Steam store to purchase an upgrade to Vault Edition.

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