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15 Best Video Game Gifts for The Gamer 2022

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Where were you two fall years ago when the PlayStation 5 finally launched? What about the XBOX Series X? Whether avid or amateur, these he likely found himself in a similar place as all the other gamers who were doing their best to get their hands on one. coveted consoleBut given the years that have passed since their respective releases, neither option is as futuristic as they were when they were released, but they still prove to be the hottest options in the space, making them the current-gen It is no exaggeration to say that we have entered the stage. Of course, this concept applies to anything new. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best gifts for your favorite gamers this holiday season.

Photo: Microsoft

xbox game pass

Deciding between the XBOX Series X and the PlayStation 5 may be easy, but Game Pass for the former claims that avid players may not need either. Give the gift of the ability to instantly play games anywhere.

game gift

2022 saw some very expected game It’s another year late, but it still gave players a variety of great options.

super mario encyclopedia

Aside from the new Zelda game, 250 pages of Super Mario lore is really all a Nintendo fanatic could ask for, and this limited edition Encyclopedia We have all the important information about everyone’s favorite plumber.

Photo: Sega

sega genesis mini 2

What could SEGA do to make the original Genesis Mini even better? By adding over 15 popular games and making them run faster than ever before, they’ve done just that.

Photo: Nintendo

gameboy color

Grab an old Pokemon cartridge because we have the perfect gift for 90’s gamers. The Game Boy Color, which changed Nintendo games, handheld game consoleand now the Amazon Renewed store has the model refurbished in excellent condition.

Photo: WD_Black

wd_bLACK 5TB external hard drive

The latest releases are great only if you have the space to play. WD_BLACK It comes with 5TB of massive storage for up to 125 games.

Photo: Sony

dual sense ultra

Sony’s first high-performance controller arrived earlier this year, delighting former Mad Catz owners. Fully customizable gadgets are equipped with extra triggers and modifiable buttons for the ultimate competitive player.

Photo: Lego

LEGO Atari 2600

Indulge in tech nostalgia thanks to LEGO’s all-encompassing take on the iconic Atari 2600. Consists of over 2,500 brickthe toymaker’s new build has some authentic homages that retro gamers are sure to appreciate.

Photo: Steel Series


This SteelSeries programmable keyboard has all the clicky, lag-free features PC players expect from a gaming keyboard, not to mention the typical RGB light array.

Photo: Bose


Let the gamer in your life dial in to the party with the best-in-class noise-cancelling gaming headset. boseequipped with noise-canceling microphones to avoid picking up unwanted background noise during battle.

Photo: Nintendo

Nintendo switch organic EL

With enhanced graphics and a relatively large screen, there’s no debate about adding $50 to Nintendo’s premium. Model change Worth spending. Furthermore, the only argument is between this and the next choice.

Photo: Sony

sony playstation 5

It was only a matter of time before this elusive machine showed up. His PS5 with Unreal Engine speaks for itself. The only question is if you can get it.

Photo: Herman Miller

herman miller bantam gaming chair

home design icon Herman Miller is no stranger to decorating a gamer’s personal space, and the newly released Vantum chair is the perfect addition to the avid PC player’s desk. Provides a forward-leaning position for optimized comfort and gaming immersion.

Photo: Lazer

Razer Blade 14 Laptop

this VR compatible The piece of equipment is the perfect upgrade for the average streamer’s laptop, offering premium graphics, rapid-fire performance and, of course, top-to-bottom RGB lighting.

Photo: Samsung


Samsung set the industry standard earlier this year with its mesmerizing 55-inch curved monitor. This monitor boasts a gorgeous 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio that paves the way for unparalleled color and depth. Don’t guess this if you’re willing to spend top dollar.

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