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Why Henry Cavill is better as the Witcher than Superman

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Henry Cavill loves to make people talk.This week, Cavill is back with a safe and charming Millie Bobby Brown Enola Homes 2, reprized his role as the oversized and slightly less capable Sherlock Holmes.More importantly, the actor wore red and blue again in a cameo appearance at the end of black adamCavill’s few seconds on screen sent fans into a frenzy and his many, many, many A statement about Superman’s long-awaited return revealed that his new take on Krypton’s Last Son is a far cry from the stoic human god he played in previous DCEU entries.

But Cavill’s biggest news came over the weekend, with shocking reports about his withdrawal from the Netflix hit. witcher. Immediately after show twitter account post news, Cavill on Instagram To make a vague statement about his departure. The news shocked business and few, if any, outlets were expecting the announcement. Needless to say, Cavill’s ardent fandom immediately started pointing their fingers at him as they scrambled for an explanation.

It’s always hard to see an actor leave a beloved role, especially if he’s done a good job in it. Cavill’s exit from Netflix became an even more sensitive subject. But Cavill has definitely made the mistake of abandoning roles that critics and audiences agree were meant for him, perhaps more than Superman. Playing Man of Steel may look more appealing than spending four more seasons of Slam on the Continent on Netflix, but Geralt may be the role Cavill was born to play.

Cavill respects witcher character and lore

Cavill’s experience witcher While it has always seemed positive, the show itself has always been somewhat controversial. Season 1 received mediocre reviews, receiving considerable criticism for its confusing storytelling approach. 68% of rotten tomatoesPerformances were praised, particularly Cavill and series standout Anya Chalotra, but the writing garnered mixed negative reviews. Still, critics and fans agreed the show had potential and attributed the imbalance to the first season. season 2 of witcher It received significantly more praise from critics who praised the tone, performance, and more unified and focused plot. However, fans weren’t so receptive to the new season.

The show made many changes to the source material, such as altering the fates of certain characters, altering major storylines, and playing lore quickly and loosely. Whenever we change, there will always be controversy. witcher‘s main problem is the lack of a clear vision of what it wants to be, with everyone in front of and behind the camera sharing confusion. The show was marketed as an adaptation of the novel, although it’s very clear that it’s a unique story that has been made.

“Don’t throw anything!” Witcher Henry Cavill discusses coin flips, Warhammer and Highlander.

During the show’s press tour, Cavill continued: he wanted to be faithful to the bookAdditionally, he talked about how he struggled to juggle his love of books with his “showrunner’s vision,” making it seem like there was a real problem within the show’s creative team.

Cavill has become a leading figure in the otaku community. he loves his computer,reproduction world of warcraftboasts of his passion warhammer On Instagram, he continues about his love for fantasy novels. Fans see him as the King of Geeks, but he doesn’t seem to care about the title. And if you’re a famous otaku king, Fought to win the role of Geralt, seems dissatisfied with his show. It’s because the showrunner doesn’t take the source material seriously, right? That’s what his fans believe.Unfortunately, rumors around witcherThe production of seems to confirm that.

Geralt put his hands on the table with a serious expression in

A few weeks ago, while working as a writer, Bo Demayo said, witcher, Claimed during an Instagram Q&A Several of the show’s writers “actively disliked the books and games” and openly “ridiculed the source material”. Major news came out after the season 2 premiere where showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich confessed Cavill rewrote Roach’s death sceneturning it into a heartfelt moment, in contrast to the scene’s original humorous tone.

With a divisive second season and news that the show’s writers’ room dislikes the source material, Cavill’s exit seems to make sense. Dealers and insiders are trying to beat each other up and find the real reason behind his departure. Few people question whether According to some, there may not even be one. So was he right to leave? Probably not.

Geralt looks better than Superman

Geralt confused by the witcher.

What makes Cavill such a compelling and compelling Geralt? For starters, he fits the physical bill to the tee. The man is big, his arms are the size of tree trunks and his thighs seem to stick out of his trousers. Cavill has the physique of a hero, in this case a monster hunter. Sure, season one’s wig looked cheap, but Cavill’s screen presence was overwhelming.

Still, beyond physical traits, Cavill understands Geralt. White Wolf is a complex character in books and games, a sensitive wannabe philosopher disguised as a brutal and stoic monster killer. increase. Despite his monstrous appearance, he is soft, deeply insecure, and suffers from feelings of inadequacy that border on self-pity. . He is cynical and practical, yet he believes. He struggles to maintain his humanity in a world that constantly tries to dehumanize him, making the most of his nomadic solitary lifestyle.

Cavill knows all this about Geralt and incorporates it brilliantly into his portrayal. I don’t care about Cavill’s acting ability, but he perfectly embodies Geralt. Even during season one, when he spends most of his time confusedly in sullen silence, the actor effortlessly embodies Geralt’s main characteristics. We observe and analyze our surroundings. He is calm and treats his friends and allies with caution, albeit at a distance. He is moral and hesitates before every action he takes, fearing confusion as he has many times before.

Season 2 First Look Clips: Geralt & Ciri | The Witcher

Season 2 gives Cavill more room to explore Geralt’s psyche. When Cavill finds himself caring for Ciri and realizing she’s probably mourning the dead Yennefer, she puts her kinder side front and center and finds new layers to complete her portrayal of Geralt As a result, we were able to comprehensively capture characters that defy people’s expectations. Like his Geralt of Page, his Geralt of Cavill is a pleasant surprise. He may not be breathtaking, but he’s certainly the type to bring a warm smile to your face.

Most importantly, Cavill’s passion for Geralt was always blatantly evident.That guy I wanted Being Geralt, and it showed.How often do actors fall in love with their roles? Many take these high-profile jobs for paychecks and major franchises to add to their resumes.But Cavill i liked witcher And made sure everyone knew it.

Well, Liam Hemsworth is a fine actor.he’s not a movie star, but he’s not completely terrible. But when there was someone like Cavill who set the bar high, actively contributed to the creation of a full-fledged version of the character, and had a real passion for the project, instead of thinking of the swap as a poor man’s excuse. I can’t stay.netflix and witcher Setting Hemsworth for failure. Unless this man brings his Andrzej Sapkowski into the room and he writes a 1,000-page paper on Geralt’s psychology, his efforts can always pale in comparison to his Cavill’s.

White Wolf or Last Son of Krypton?

Superman looking into the distance in an image from Henry Cavill's Instagram.

I can’t help but think that Cavill jumped down witcher Mainly because I had the opportunity to wear the red cloak again.Indeed, Man of Steel is so much more than that Most Powerful DC Character But a complete pop culture icon with an indelible place in our collective imagination. Only a fool would say no to an opportunity to play him.

Still, you can’t help but think that Cavill has more chemistry with Geralt than Superman.Krypton’s last son is a shameless Boy Scout. He’s a mama’s boy, a trooper, and an understated goof. He’s too much, but he’s never annoying or boring. He is the ultimate role model and a living, breathing sunshine. It’s hard to draw. Many actors have tried, but very few have really succeeded.

Cavill is a charming man and could definitely portray a hopeful and forward-thinking Superman, but will he live up to the expectations of millions? There was not. Fans have been demanding his return tirelessly. They expect the best version of Man of Steel ever. Cavill has to be perfect—not good, not great—because nothing else is good enough.

Then there is the brooding elephant in the room. Many fans hoped for Cavill’s return because he was the person who represented the beginning of his DCEU and his return meant restoring a certain director’s vision. However, Cavill blatantly made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with the stoic version of Superman. That means he doesn’t restore anything.

Will those fans embrace the new, more traditional view of Cavill, or will they turn their backs on him? It seems that he is handicapped and about to embark on a new Superman journey. 11 years is a lot of time. Is there still room for his Superman? Is there still an audience, or was the noise that brought him back just noise?

Along with Geralt, Cavill had a good untouched character by anyone else with enough charm to cement his place as a major player in pop culture. If Cavill really had a problem with his behind-the-scenes talent, did he have enough power to renegotiate his approach to the show? But if it was a Superman or Geralt situation, was not Geralt the best choice? Saying goodbye to Superman would have been painful, but he had an entire continent to make up for the loss. .

Alas, the deed is complete and Henry Cavill is no longer a witcher. As for Superman, time will tell, but Cavill faces an uphill battle. The DCEU is on the brink of collapse, and James Gunn and Peter Safran are now in considerable force and will do whatever it takes to keep the DCEU alive. will do If Cavill plays the cards correctly, he could be included as well. If he doesn’t, or if his take on Superman is somehow inferior, we’ll get to see a new Man of Steel for years to come. confusion would be wasted.

You can stream the first two seasons of witcher on netflix.You can also stream man of steel on HBO Max.not to worry Justice League But.

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